The joys of home ownership means that the one room in the house you thought could wait… can’t. Since we moved in and started using our bathtub it’s been leaking, friends. Not just little leaks, but BIG awful leaks.

DIY Bathroom Remodel

Phase 1

We painted everything. New shaker door and textured window. We added new farmhouse trim & baseboards.

We bought a builder grade tub from the plumbing supply store and chose to tile the surround. We used the same flooring as in our kitchen renovation

The Bathtub


We could have painted it, but we had a box of this interlocking vinyl tile (Easy Street) in storage. We were holding on to it as extra if we needed to replace any tiles in the basement- it’s what we laid in our suite.


We put our shower head higher than average (such a good decision!) and tiled right to our ceiling (to avoid hiring a drywall finisher).

Phase 2

-  New light fixture -  Custom vanity (I have big dreams for this one!) -  New toilet -  New sink and faucet

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