Is a drop down ceiling a problem you wish to fix in your home? With a limited budget, I was able to revamp my basement ceiling with beadboard and it changed the look of everything!

7 Steps for Installing a Beadboard Ceiling in a Basement

Step One: Demo the old ceiling if necessary

First I removed all the drop down ceiling tiles and drop down support systems in the section I wanted to redo (which comes down very easily).

Then I hired my friend’s extremely handy husband who installed 6 can lights.

Step Two: Install electrical wires if additional light is needed or wanted

Next I went out and purchased (4) 4×8 sheets of wide beadboard (normal beadboard works great too). 

Step Three: Measure your space and purchase supplies

Step Four: Determine the height of the new ceiling and install supports

Next you will need to decide at what height you want your ceiling to hang.  To decide this examine the wood beams in your space.

Step Five: Cut out holes for lights and obstacles in the beadboard

Before hanging the beadboard you will need to assess if there are any obstacles that you will need to cut around (if you are lucky there won’t be any).

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