What is better than a functional and organized closet? Nothing!  Come see how to build a custom DIY closet organizer all from scratch! 

DIY closet organizer completely from scratch. Here’s how I did it.

Draw up a plan

Be sure to take into account depth of hangers for hanging spaces and special circumstances like windows, outlets, doors, etc.

Using 1/2” finished plywood for this project (I find it much easier to handle than MDF), we began with the back wall as our starting point.

Start building boxes at the back of your closet

Move forward one box at a time

The above photo shows the DIY closet organizer section made for our double hanging rods. We secured the two new vertical panels against the existing panel and base.

Add edging to the shelf faces

Once our framing was up, we added the edging. Using our plywood sheets, we cut everything to size and fastened it with a nail gun.

Fill holes, shellac and paint

Next came the painting. After filling in all the holes, I primed the wood with a shellac primer.

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