This easy craftsman style trim requires NO confusing angled cuts, so it’s easy for anyone to do, even a beginner, and it makes a HUGE impact. 

This time two years ago, our living room looked like this. So we decided it was time to fix that. 

Head Casings

We started out by building the header first and measured the top width of our window opening or window frame

Then, using our circular saw, we cut the 1″x6″ board.

We used the same measurement from our 1″x6″ to mark and cut two pieces of 1″x2″ boards.  Since we had three windows clustered together to make one large window trim unit.  We worked from a 12 foot length board.

Our header had to be very long for our large window, and since we couldn’t find 1″x2″x12′ boards, we had to cut and attach our 1″x2″s in 6 pieces to the longer 1″x6″x12′ board.

Once we centered our new header over the windows, we nailed them into place right through the drywall into the studs.

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