This latest project is simple but has such impact on the room! Half of the windows in her home had grids . I decided to add my own window grids.

How to Build and Install Custom Window Mullions by Jill from The Rozy Home

I will be honest with you – I didn’t know where to start. The grids were simply made up on two vertical pieces and 6 horizontal pieces. 

My windows are 32 inches wide and 72 inches tall and there are 4 total so decided I needed 16 pieces (which, by the way, was too much. Turns out I only needed 12 pieces).

After deciding how far apart I wanted each grid, I measured from the bottom of the grid up and marked the spot.  I wanted mine spaced 8 1/2 inches apart, so I measured 8 1/2 inches from the bottom and marked it across the entire piece.

Next, I took out the handy dandy hot glue gun and put hot glue on the end of the horizontal stile and attached it to the vertical stile.

To attach the grids to the windows, I purchased double-sided/mounting tape from Ace. I placed one piece on the back of the top of each vertical stile. On a few I attached them to the outside horizontal stiles.

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