Today we have an awesome gift idea (and, of course, make one for yourself, too!) — a DIY felt letter board! Make one in any size and color you like!

How to Make Your Own DIY Felt Letter Board

What you’ll need for DIY Felt Letter Board:

-  Frame with a backing and a deep enough inset for your dowels -  Fabric scissors -  Hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks -  Letter board Letters -  Lint Roller and Utility/ knife

Cut your dowels to size, if necessary. The inside of my frame measured 16″ across, and the dowels I got at Home Depot were 48″ long, so I cut them into three using my mitre saw.

Step 1: Dowels

Step 2: Fabric

Cut your fabric into strips. I was unable to find black felt so I used some black velvet. I love the way it looks, but I will warn you it was super messy due to the edges of the strips fraying. Use felt if you can.

Crank the tunes, fire up that hot glue gun, and start wrapping dowels! I found the technique that worked best for me was:

Step 3: Hot Glue

Step 4: Install into Frame

It’s time to secure your dowels into the frame. I squeezed out a strip of glue and then placed the dowels into the frame as snugly together as I could.

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