This DIY mirror frame is a simple build that will upgrade your bathroom to the next level!

A simple DIY mirror frame to upgrade your bathroom to next level.

-  Multi-tool -  Miter Saw -  Drill -  Caulking Gun

Tools needed for DIY Mirror Frame

-  (1) 1x6x8’ MDF board -  (2) 1x4x8’ MDF boards -  (7’) 4-1/4 in. x 1/2 in. MDF Crown Molding -  (1) Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive

Materials needed for DIY Mirror Frame

Building a DIY Mirror Frame

The 8-light open-bulb horizontal light fixture and frameless large mirror flush with the vanity did get the job done, but definitely left room for improvement, right?!?

Step 1: Remove the light and adjust the placement of the mirror.

Cassity decided that she wanted the mirror to hang above the vanity, not rest on the backsplash.

Step 2: The bottom and sides

We wanted the mirror frame to hang over the mirror by about 2 inches, so we measured and cut our bottom piece accordingly.

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