Learn how Linda turned her existing window into a faux stained glass window with easy to install leaded lines. It’s a beautiful classic design and adds privacy to a plain window, and it’s easy to make your own stained glass at home!

DIY Faux Stained Glass Window Tutorial

Step 1: Draw the glass design

I started out drawing my faux stained glass design on a piece of paper the exact dimensions of the window opening. Needless to say, there was a lot of erasing and redrawing to get the perfect fit.

Now, if I could easily reach the outside of the window, I would just tape that drawing to it with painters tape and trace the pattern right onto the glass. 

Step 2: Transfer the design to the window

Step 3: Apply leaded glass lines

Then it was time to grab my Gallery Glass supplies, which I found at the craft store. These supplies are also available here on Amazon.

Step 4: Apply stained glass color paint

Phase two was the application of the Crystal Clear glass color. Which, obviously, is colorless. After it dries, that is. During application it was milky white.

My recommendation is to skip my heavy-handed method and use some type of applicator. Like a paintbrush. And painting on multiple light coats until you reach your desired look.

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