Try this simple IKEA platform bed DIY hack for a full sized bed, or modify to fit any size bed. The Kallax shelves are cheap and great for additional storage space and a modern aesthetic for kids’ rooms, dorms, or anywhere you need a space-saver bed.

Full-Size IKEA Platform Bed DIY Tutorial

Materials and Tools:

-  3 – 2″x4″x8″ boards -  1 sheet 1/2″ plywood (or 3 1×4 bed slats) -  1 – 4×8 sheet 1/8″ white tile board (optional, shelf backer) -  12′ x 1/2″ quarter round or 1×2 (optional, bed rail)

-  Drill -  Miter saw -  Table saw or circular saw or jigsaw (optional, for cutting sheet lumber) -  Tape measure -  Router

Tools I used

1: Assemble With Additional Glue

To start your DIY IKEA platform bed, first you are going to spend about an hour with this guy assembling your Kallax shelf units.

In order to keep stuff from falling back behind the Kallax units, I decided to add a back board to the inner section of the shelves.

2: Cut the Backerboards

3: Cut the 2×4 Bed Frame

Measure the long edge of the shelf and subtract 3″ from the measurement to allow for the width of the 2x4s that will be on the ends. Cut 2 lengths of 2×4 at that length.

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