Read these tips for exterior paint colors to add curb appeal, plus our paint expert’s home color palette picks for whole home exterior and trim colors.

Best Exterior Paint Colors

Whole Home Exterior Paint Colors

When it comes to choosing a whole home (main body) exterior color, the lighter and brighter a color is, the more the architectural lines and landscaping details will stand out.  

I always recommend going lighter because with an exterior paint color darker than a mid-tone, details like the landscaping in front of a home and architectural details get lost and blend in with a darker color.

Exterior Trim Paint Colors

An easy trick for choosing an exterior trim color that will make the most curb appeal impact is to choose a trim color that will contrast the exterior home color the most.  

The more a color contrasts the exterior home color, the more the lines of the home, accents and architectural details will stand out.

Front Door Colors

Front door paint colors are purely subjective.  Paint experts will run the spectrum of advice on the ideal home color combination including the front door accent color.

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