This beautiful Christmas swag is unbelievably easy to make, for almost free! All you need is 10 minutes, a mixed variety of botanical clippings, some twine and a couple of ribbons!

How to Make a Fresh Evergreen Christmas Swag

Step 1: Collect Branches

Collect some evergreen and berry branches from nature. You can also purchase online, such as here or here.

You will be making 3 bundles. The first bundle is the largest, made of all the evergreen branches. Simply tie the  branches together with twine. 

Step 2: Three Bundles

Make the second bundle using branches of different colors and textures. I used some silvery fine-textured leafy branches and some red berry branches here.

Step 3: Final Bundle

Make the third bundle using shorter branches than the first two. Use any mix of colors and textures!

Use floral wire or paper clips and attach the bow to the swag where the 3 bundles are tied together. This will hide the twines and add a nice decorative accent!

Step 4: Bows

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