Hi, Remodelaholic readers! I’m Charlotte from Ciburbanity (city+suburb+sanity) and am SO excited to be talking doors with you. . (Don’t worry… I’ll make this a super exciting door talk.) 

How to Add a Glass Pane to a Wood Door by Charlotte from Ciburbanity

I googled around and realized that replacing a wood-paneled door with glass panels was do-able. Off to the salvage yard I  found a  paneled door for $75 and brought her home with me.

Paneled doors are made in one of two ways. Either it’s a separate panel held in place by the trim on either side OR the two sides of the door are routed and then build around the panels.

You can see the edging actually cracked away from the wood above so My edges were one solid piece of wood (that’s the trim area cracking above) so I had to use my Dremel to actually cut the panel out.

I then cut away one side of the trim. The glass will rest on the remaining edge, and new molding will get caulked and nailed in place to secure it.

We have a local glass place who worked with me on this and sourced EXACTLY the type of glass I was looking for: think vintage high school gymnasium. The glass has that chicken wire insert with the frosted surface.

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