Adding a faux fireplace has been one of my favorite projects! I found a beautiful reclaimed mantel from an architectural salvage warehouse by checking Craigslist for a month or two. 

This statement-making DIY  faux fireplace was accomplished for less than $600!

DIY Faux Fireplace, Step 1:

Find the center of the wall and decide on the measurements based on the mantel.

Frame out the base of the hearth. We cut two 2x4s to a length 8 inches longer than the mantel and connected them with five 24-inch pieces of 2×4.

DIY Faux Fireplace, Step 2:

DIY Faux Fireplace, Step 3:

Once the hearth frame base is secure, line it up to the center of the wall and nail the back of the frame to the wall to anchor it.

DIY Faux Fireplace, Step 4:

Measure the length and width of the top of the hearth frame base. From the plywood sheet, cut out the piece for the top of the hearth.

DIY Faux Fireplace, Step 5:

Nail the hearth top into the hearth frame base.

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