Learn how to build your own wood window cornice box to dress up your window frame. Building a custom wood window valance is a great beginner building project!

The window is the focal point of the room, the first thing you see. I dressed it up with a DIY window cornice.

What is a Window Cornice?

A window cornice is a 3-sided box that frames the top of a window.

Plan the look of your cornice. And, Measure your window from the outside edge of the window casing on one side to the outside edge of the window casing on the opposite side.

Plan & Measure

Cut the Wood Cornice Pieces

I cut all the pieces for my cornice first. I cut my 1″ x 8″ common board to length and cut both of the short sides at a beveled 45-degree angle using a miter saw.

Assemble the Wood Cornice

I drilled holes using my Kreg Jig along the top, inside edges of my front box piece and my 2 side box pieces.

I used wood glue to join the mitered edges of my side box pieces and my front box piece and clamped it all to dry.

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