When I was designing my room  I was really  struggling coming up with a way to fill the space above my headboard. I dreamed up an idea that would allow the wall to be the backdrop  but still have a high impact!  I give you my “Pressed Plant Frames”!

How to Make DIY Pressed Plant Framed Art

Step 1. Rip Boards

“Ripping” a board basically means that you are going to cut it length wise.  This is typically  done on a table saw.

“Dados” are  grooves or trenches cut into a board,  typically  they are used for holding shelves, or in this case glass panes.  I cut my dado (trenches) 3/8″ deep.

Step 2.  Cut Dados

Step 3: Miters

Again,  the measurement you use will vary based on your glass size!   I am using a 16″x 20″  pane of glass and will be basing the measurements off of that.

Step 4: Assembly

Next  I partially  assembled the frames. I began by using wood glue on the corners. Using wood glue will allow it to hold up long term.

Step 5: Removable Top Piece

For the top  piece we prep it a little differently. In the very top back corner, we are going to use a counter sink bit and drill out counter sink holes.

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