See how you can raise up a short vanity to give it some extra height (and reuse the existing countertop).

Here's how we raise up a dinky 30-inch high standard  bathroom counters in my master bathroom  

Step 1:

First, we removed the mirror, since it was resting on the counter.  Then we pried off the side backsplash.

Next, we turned off the water supply at the sink valves, loosened the nut attached to the p-traps under the sinks, and detached the water lines to the faucets. At this point we were able to remove the counter top.

Step 2:

Step 3:

I needed the top of the existing cabinet to be flush for the raised portion. I didn’t want to remove them, but, needed to cut off the lip in the front to make a level spot for the new apron we were adding to the cabinet.

Step 4

Here is the finished framing. We followed the lines of the existing cabinet to give countertop support in all the same spots.

Step 5

On the front of the cabinet, we added a small molding to cover the seam. We decided to wrap that molding around the edge for a cohesive look, once we got the new side board on.

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