Want modern smooth wall texture in your home? Follow this DIY tutorial to learn how to skim coat a textured wall to get a beautiful smooth finish and get rid of that ugly bumpy wall texture!

How to Skim Coat for Smooth Wall Texture

Since we prefer a nice modern smooth wall texture, we’ve removed wall texture and smoothed out textured walls a few times in our different homes in a process called skim coating.

Skim coating is a process for re-texturing a wall with a smooth finish. To skim coat means to apply several thin layers of drywall mud (joint compound) to cover up drywall tape or previous texture and create a smooth wall texture.

What is skim coating?

Can I skim coat over damaged drywall?

Damaged drywall from removing wallpaper or a backsplash? Unless the damage is extensive, you can still use this skim coating technique to smooth and fix the drywall!

How to Skim Coat to Remove Texture from Walls

-  Wash rags and Towels -  Drop cloths -  Empty 5-gallon buckets -  Drill and mixing paddle attachment for drill -  Drywall Mud Pan -  8” Drywall Joint Knife

Materials & Tools Needed:

Layer 1: Rough Skim Coat

This first thin layer of joint compound is a rough coat, meant to cover all of the existing wall texture.

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