Hey all, it is Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches! Since I was last here, I have moved to a  new house!  We love it here, but with the move I find myself re-doing projects that I already have done.

The Tried and Tested Method to Upgrade Door Knobs with Spray Paint

Remove Hardware

Just DO IT!  I know that some sites might tell you to go ahead and tape it off. “It’ll be fine!”  they say.  EXACTLY , we don’t want “fine”, we want stellar.

Basic painting 101, if you want a really good adhesion of paint to a surface it will  adhere much better to a dull surface, not a shiny one.


Wipe Down

After you scuff them up,  you are going to need to wipe them down.   You  just need to remove the dust from sanding, and any  leftover oils or dirt on the surface.


When priming I opted for black primer, because I will be using Oil Rubbed Bronze, and it will cover the black really  nicely.

 In-between Coat Sand

This step is quick and painless. After the primer has dried I quickly once over the knobs/hinges with “very fine” steel wool.

Swipe Up

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