Today I’m going to share a tutorial with you that I believe has been the most pivotal part of giving this attic the character we wanted: the whitewashed plank wall and ceiling.

Here’s the basic process: Attic with Whitewashed Plank Walls and Ceiling

Step 1:

Stain your wood a medium brown (we used Wheat by Rustoleum with just a touch of Kona to make it a bit darker).

Mix up 1 part water to 2 parts flat white latex paint (we used budget ceiling paint from our local hardware store).

Step 2:

Step 3

Brush (don’t roll) the paint on in the direction of the wood grain.

Step 4:

Wipe off with a paper towel or rag in the direction of the wood grain. Repeat steps 3 and 4 if desired.

To help you reach the “love it” stage, here are some tips I found that helped. Each plank has its own identity, and each plank will take a certain finesse, but the overall result is wonderful… isn’t it?

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