In our new place, the living room has an existing fireplace with a really large, river rock stone wall that runs from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. We are very excited to finally have a house with a fireplace, we’ve always wanted one, but never had one.

Wood Mantel On A Stone Wall Supplies:

-  (1) 2 x 6 x 8’ pine board (for the ledger) -  (2) 1 x 10 x 8’ pine boards (top   and bottom of mantel) -  (1) 1 x 6 x 6’ pine board(middle supports) -  gray stain

-  wood = $30 -  stain = $10 -  pocket and wood screws = $10 -  anchor bolts = $50 -  weathered wood = free

Wood Mantel On A Stone Wall Cost breakdown of the project $100

-  Circular saw -  Drill -  Hammer drill (for drilling through concrete) -  Kreg Jig -  Ratchet wrench

Wood Mantel On A Stone Wall Tools we used:

Here is a before picture during our move into our new place.  Sorry about the mess, heck this actually looks pretty darn good compared to what it was some of the time!

We decided to do an eight foot long wood mantel, that would float above the fireplace. Here I am posing for the mockup.  We are trying to get an idea of how it might look (so we take a picture or two) and how high above the fireplace we wanted it.

Here we wanted to see how a layer of old weathered fence wood would look over the pine structure.  We were excited to see that it really tied in all to colors of the stone wall.

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