If you’ve been around long, you know I’m a big fan of both dramatic budget-minded makeovers and white kitchens. So today, you get a two-in-one post! Ashley was working with a very dated knotty pine kitchen — I mean, knotty pine cabinets, knotty pine paneling, there was a LOT going on in that old home!

Kitchen Update: Knotty Pine Cabinets and Paneling

Let’s start with a little introduction…I’m Ashley – furniture painter, blogger, small business owner, decorator, wife, dog lover and wine drinker. When I’m not busy running around with a paint brush in my hand, you’ll find me running around…literally.

Let’s just say the kitchen wasn’t the selling point of the home. Knotty pine, yellow formica…you get the picture. Although it wasn’t a huge space, knocking down walls wasn’t really in the realm of improvements we wanted to tackle.

We started by knocking out the island and removing the upper cabinets. This step alone made the room feel substantially more spacious. An added bonus was when we removed the formica backsplash, we found original beadboard underneath.

Once the gaps in the beadboard were caulked, I primed the walls with Kilz Primer. This step helped to prevent any bleed through, especially in areas with large knots. The beadboard took three coats of paint before it finally felt fresh and crisp. 

Once the walls were finished, it was time to turn my attention to the cabinets. Even though I was just painting the bottom cabinets, it proved to be no small task.

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