Add privacy but keep natural light with this lace DIY window film. Simple and inexpensive, you can totally get great results!

This was the quickest, easiest, cheapest project ever but it turned out better than I ever imagined.

Prepare your lace.

I made a template of my window panes, but for a larger surface you could just measure it.

First, mix two tablespoons cornflour and two tablespoons cold water until it forms a paste, then dissolve this in about a cup and a half of boiling water.

 Make up a starch jelly

Apply the jelly to the window

Use a brush to paint a thick layer of the gloopy jelly on to the window pane.

Put lace in the window

Lay your fabric onto the pre-applied cornflour jelly.

Brush on more jelly

Brush another layer of the jelly on top of the lace. Brush from the center to the corners but make your strokes slightly random.

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