last minute costume ideas


1. skin-tone clothing 2. printable game costume (swipe up) 3. red clown nose 4. tongs or large tweezers

Rock paper scissors

1. gray/white clothing & accessories 2. printable costume (swipe up)

group costume

top secret scientist

1. white button-up shirt 2. printable scientist costume + personalized badge (swipe up)

queen of CARDS

1. white shirt 2. red/black clothing, accessories + crown 3. printable playing card costume (swipe up)

more playing card GROUP costume ideas

For couples:  King & Queen Two of a Kind Blackjack (A + K/Q/J/10) For groups: Full suit of hearts, spades... Royal Flush (A, K, Q, J, 10) Four of a Kind Two Pair Full House (3 of a kind + pair)

TIP Print on sticker paper!

magical students

1. white collared shirt 2. black pants 3. printable house color ties (swipe up - 4 included) 4. broom or wand

scrabble letters

1. any clothing you want 2. printable editable letter tiles (swipe up)

group costume

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