Read our favorite ideas for how to add curb appeal to a small cottage home. Some paint and landscaping make a big difference to this older home’s style!

Small House Curb Appeal Ideas

First of all, what an adorable little house! As soon as I saw it I though it would be the perfect little cottage.

Cottage Curb Appeal Before & After

Here’s my photoshop mockup of what I would do if this were my house. Adorable, right? Doesn’t it look just so much more inviting? 

Clean It Up (& Paint)

First the base: The house looked a bit dingy on the exterior. If a power washing doesn’t clean it up, a fresh coat of white paint would do wonders.

Make the Entry the Star

The amazing rounded front door was just begging for a pop of bright color. With the classic, (almost) symmetrical look of the house, I opted for an equally classic bright red door color. This is Steelhead Redd.

Add Details + Landscaping

I lined the walkway with bricks, flowers, and boxwood hedges to make it feel very grand and inviting.

And one final look at the before photo next to my photoshop mockup after. So what do you think? What would you do to up the curb appeal of Laura’s cute little cottage?

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