Don’t underestimate the power of window treatments, particularly curtain panels, to make or break a room. Curtain panels add softness to a room and are one of the largest textile surfaces in a space. 

Here are some universal tricks to making your windows (and room) look top-notch.

Sill length – the bottom of the curtain panel just touches the window sill. A great option for the kitchen.

Length of Curtain Panel

Apron length – the bottom of the curtain ends a few inches below the bottom of the window frame. This length is popular for kids bedrooms, bathrooms, or where a heater or radiator is below the window.

Floor length – the bottom of the curtain just dusts the floor.

The Perfect Length for a Curtain Rod

The right length curtain rod also makes a big difference. When the curtain panels are open, you want as much of the window showing as possible to let in maximum natural light.

Money-Saving Tips for Extra Wide Windows

For extra wide windows or multiple windows close together (which should be treated as one window), consider stationary panels to save money.

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