Add light to your bathroom and upgrade the bathroom exhaust fan with this fast and easy update. We show you how to replace your existing bathroom exhaust fan cover with a new cover that features a built-in LED light and sleek design.

Easily upgrade an existing exhaust fan cover with a Broan exhaust fan cover

This is such an easy bathroom update, no professional required! We replaced the old exhaust fan cover in a bathroom.

If you can plug a lamp into a wall, you can swap your exhaust fan cover for this sleek new design to add lighting to your bathroom!

What ceiling exhaust fan is compatible with the Broan FG600S Quick-Change LED Grille Upgrade?

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your fan is compatible and will work with your existing fan.

Now that you know what fans are compatible, here are the dimensions of the covers that it is compatible with as well so you can make sure it will cover your existing fan.

What are the grille dimensions?

What are the LED Specifications?

-  750 Lumens.  Soft Led light to help illuminate dark areas of the bathroom. -  3000K Color temperature.  Warm color temperature.

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