Okay I need to start this post with a very clear caveat:  We cannot paint our cabinets, and we cannot stain our cabinets.  Ahhh… that feels better to get that out in the open first thing.  

You can update the look of your cabinets without painting them… 

Finish Your Wood

The first thing that we did was stain the new wood to match the existing color of the cabinets. 

Once they are stained, lacquered and completely dry, cut them to the length of the cabinets. 

Measure and cut the boards.

Glue and Nail the Header Pieces Together

It is easiest to secure the molding corners before installing them above your head.  Place your wood on a level surface.

 Nail Cleats to wall

Use 4 small scrap pieces of wood (1″ x 3″ no more than 5 inches tall) as cleats for the header.

Attach the Header to Your Cabinet Top

Place the header on top of your cabinet.   Open the doors to your cabinets and use a clamp or two to hold the header in place.

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