Kicking off our IKEA to the Max week, we’ve got Suzy from Real Happy Space here to share her brilliantly easy IKEA hack industrial shelf — for the perfect blend of modern and rustic, metal and wood!

How to: IKEA Hack Industrial Shelf

What did you do?

To dress up this basic shelving unit for my dining room, I first gave it a couple coats of matte black spray paint. It took two cans to cover the whole thing.

I wanted to make the shelves look a little more substantial, so I added wood planks to the shelves. I first cut 1” x 12” boards to the correct length (23 9/16″ for the bottom three shelves and 23 10/16″ for the top shelf).

With the metal shelves completely assembled, I loosened the screws slightly for the bottom three shelves, then simply set the shelves in place and tighten the screws back up.

Would you do it again? Why or why not? and if yes, what would you do differently next time?

I would absolutely do this hack again. I actually just bought another Hyllis and have plans to “hack” that one too!

How much time did the project take?

The total assembly time was probably only a couple hours, but there was a lot of time spent waiting for paint and stain to dry.

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