37 Whole Pallet Projects

We’ve found nearly 40 whole pallet projects that you can build *without* taking a pallet apart. These projects use either whole pallets that are augmented, or partial pallets so you make just a couple of cuts, rather than taking it completely apart  for your diy pallet project.

Whole Pallet Projects No Disassembly Required @Remodelaholic

37 Whole Pallet Projects

(no disassembly required!)

Why whole pallets? Because even with our quick no-sweat method for dismantling a pallet — sometimes it’s nice to just grab a pallet and start working! Pallets in their original form are strong and sturdy, so put that strength to use with these think-smarter whole pallet projects for home decor (below) and for your yard, garden, and garage here.

Find more diy pallet projects and great tips and videos on working with pallets in our Pallets Aplenty section.

18 Whole Pallet Projects for Home Decor

Whole Pallet Projects To Decorate Your Home @remodelaholic 400x800

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Pallets make a great budget-friendly home decor solution — stack them, cut them up and use just a section, add a little something, and then paint or stain, and you can have some really amazing home decorating for a very low price! Worried about using pallet projects in your decor? Use a pallet marked HT (for heat treated) — or you can flex your DIY muscle to build something similar from new wood. See more pallet home decor here, and check out these creative whole pallet projects for home decor:

This pallet daybed by Ashley Ann Photography is the perfect solution for a media room or guest room — and wouldn’t it be dreamy on an enclosed porch? The old door headboard is just icing on the cake. (See more ways to use old doors here.)

easy-diy-pallet-daybed-with-old-door-headboard-ashley-ann-photographyAnother pallet bed, by Project Nursery, was a great modular bed solution and would also be great in a playroom that doubles as a guest room.


Got books? This pallet bookshelf by Me and Madeline is perfect for kids’ books or for a smaller display of books, such as sentimental books, coffee table books, or cookbooks.

DIY Pallet Project Kids' Bookshelf By Me And Madeline On Remodelaholic

PS: We built a pallet look-alike pocket bookshelf here, if you need a different size or would rather build from scratch.


Another take on the pallet bookshelf (by Design2Use via) uses the whole pallet to create a wall-mounted storage spot for your favorite novels.



If you’ve got a home for your books but want a shelf for decor or an indoor herb garden, these pallet wall shelves will fit the bill!

Source: London Painting Group
original image source unknown

And another take on the same idea, this red pallet wall shelf (found via Pinterest) adds shelves to the slats of the pallet for a creative display shelf. pallet-wall-shelf-via-pinterest

A bit of display or storage, and a bit of workspace — this folding pallet wall desk by Thistlewood Farms is practically perfect!


This is only pallet inspired, but these coat racks by Ana White are gorgeous and you could easily get the same look by cutting up a pallet and making a couple of modifications.

Pallet Inspired Coat rack with storage From Ana White Featured On Remodelaholic,


Have a seat! For indoors or out, this hanging bench by Tidbits from the Tremaynes makes a fun little niche.


If your style leans eclectic or rustic, this pallet console table by Kleinworth and Co is the perfect small-space solution! Paint or stain it to fit your decor, and voila!


This tv stand by Funky Junk Interiors is a great easy solution for your media center.



Got shoes? Of course you do! Turn pallets into this shoe storage bench with Between 3 Sisters.



This pallet sofa with storage by Scraphacker is so smart! I love the little hidden storage at the back.


Need more than a loveseat? Check out this pallet seating in a theater room! (original source unknown)



Ready to decorate? This wall hanging by I Should Be Mopping The Floor is so easy to customize! (Just be certain to have a very sturdy in-the-studs wall mount since a whole pallet will NOT be light.) PS: See more pallet wall decor ideas here


Heading to the kitchen — why not make a pallet into an overhead pot rack like A Greenpoint Kitchen? Just staple on some chicken wire and add some S hooks. I bet this would also work for tools in a garage or craft room.


Easy organization that doubles as decor! This cute mug holder by One Little Bird Blog is perfect for a coffee station.


Pallets make a great topper (with added storage!) for a table or bar, like this one that The Poor Sophisticate built over an awkward skylight.


Did any of these home decor pallet projects inspire you? Keep scrolling for yard and garden and garage pallet projects! Click for more in Pallets Aplenty. Be sure to pin for future reference!

37 Whole Pallet Projects, no disassembly required @Remodelaholic


19 Whole Pallet Projects for Your Yard and Garden

Whole Pallet Projects For Your Garden Yard And Garage


[pinit align=”center” url=”https://www.remodelaholic.com/whole-pallet-projects-build-without-taking-pallet-apart/” image_url=”https://www.remodelaholic.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/19-whole-pallet-projects-for-your-yard-garden-and-garage-@Remodelaholic-400×800.png” description=”No disassembly! Pallet projects for the yard and garden using a *whole* pallet! Featured on Remodelaholic #Remodelaholic #palletprojects #diypalletideas #palletyarddecor #wholepalletprojects”]

Pallet projects are a perfect solution to so many yard and garden needs. Need a potting table? a garden? organization for your tools or sports supplies? How about a fence or gate? You can build all those and more from pallets — without taking the pallets apart completely (or at all)! These whole pallet projects will inspire you to give your yard a new feature this weekend!

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Start at the front porch: this painted pallet sign by Jennifer Allwood featured on Remodelaholic is the perfect large-scale solution to seasonal porch decor. Make it reversible, make one for every season — so many possibilities!


And how to make a pallet sign better — add a string of lights! This pallet Christmas tree by Making It in The Mitten is so perfect for the holidays.


During the flowering months, this pallet porch planter by At Home with Kelsey can be filled with flower pots, and during the fall and winter, you can put other decor on the little shelves to welcome your guests. So easy!


Need a divider in your yard, or something to keep pets or kids in (or other things out?) This pallet fence via Hometalk is brilliant and surprisingly good-looking.


Add a pallet gate and walkway like Funky Junk Interiors to make your backyard practically perfect.


Heading to the garage, this augmented pallet tool shelf by Funky Junk Interiors has a spot for everything. So smart!


For larger tools, a hanging tool organizer like this one from Our Little Acre


or this one via HGTV (photo by Mick Telkamp) will hold all your gardening necessities nicely.


And in the garden, a pair of pallets makes a great trellis! More details at The Preppy Pink Crocodile.


Think smarter! This easy sports organizer by Clean and Scentsible is perfect for her kids’ gear!


Make your patio perfect for entertaining with this pallet buffet table (image source unknown but build one with The Weekend Country Girl’s how-to).


Disguise an eyesore with this rolling pallet planter by A Designer At Home.


Using pallets helped Jodi from Second Wind of Texas build a deck from a pallet base, saving both construction time and money.

diy wooden pallet deck ready for summer, The Second Wind of Texas featured on Remodelaholic

Hoosier Homemade built an entire freestanding deck from pallets — what a homey space!


Vertical gardens are both space-smart and pretty, and this vertical pallet garden with hanging pots by Jenna Burger is so easy to swap out plants for different seasons.


You can also plant flowers or herbs right inside the slats of the pallet, like this vertical flower garden (original image source unknown).


The DIY Showoff used her vertical pallet garden to plant herbs, and it’s freestanding so it makes a great divider if you need to block off part of the yard or add privacy.


And this corner pallet planter (original source unknown) is a alternative to a deck railing on a low deck.


This easy outdoor pallet sofa built by Jenna Burger is perfect for entertaining all summer long!


You can also build a matching pallet sofa and coffee table like Place of My Taste — love the bright colors.


Nurture your green thumb with a fold-up pallet gardening table by Jenna Burger.



And, after all that work — you’ll want to rest in this idyllic pallet bed swing that The Merry Thought built!


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19 Whole Pallet Projects for Your Yard and Garden (and Garage!) @Remodelaholic

37 Whole Pallet Projects, no disassembly required @Remodelaholic

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