25 Best Natural Cleaning Formulas

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25 Best Natural Cleaning Formulas

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Have you ever had the experience of opening a bottle containing some sort of cleaning solution only to feel as if your eyelashes were going to be singed from the chemical fumes?  Ick.  As if cleaning isn’t hard enough, all those wonder products that we see advertised on TV come with awesome warnings about the dangers of ingestion or possible links to cancer.  Those don’t exactly encourage me to clean up!  

Lately, I’ve been on a quest to lead a healthier lifestyle.  I’m trying to exercise and eat more fruits and veggies.  And, I’m on the lookout, trying to eliminate as many unnecessary chemicals from our lives as I can.  I’ve discovered that there are some pretty good natural substitutes out there for typical household cleaning supplies.  Not only are they substantially safer, but they smell better and are better for the environment, too!   I’m going to share my natural cleaning files with you today.  I haven’t tried all of these, yet, but if you have, I’d love to hear how they worked for you.

slide 1: Glass Cleaner
slide 2: Disinfectant Spray
slide 3: Citrus Cleaner
slide 4: Granite Cleaner
slide 5: Floor Cleaner
slide 6: Dishwashing Detergent
slide 7: Miracle Cleaner
slide 8: Jewelry Cleaner
slide 9: Shower Cleaner
slide 10: Drain Cleaner
slide 11: Alternative Laundry Cleaning
slide 12: Lemon Dust Cloths
slide 13: Dish Soap
slide 14: Cleaning Uses for Club Soda and Peroxide
slide 15: Toilet Bowl Cleaner
slide 16: Stainless Steel Cleaner
slide 17: Castille Soap Recipes
slide 18: Cleaning Uses for White Bread and Ketchup
slide 19: Liquid Hand Soap
slide 20: Stove Top Cleaner
slide 21: Cleaning Wipes
slide 22: Tub Scrub
slide 23: Oven Cleaner
slide 24: Magic Carpet Cleaner

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What are your favorite natural cleaner recipes? 

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