Sometimes you just need to create, am I right? Crafting can be a fun way to get invovled in creating the home of your dreams. From a beautiful wreath welcoming guests to your home, to deocrating for holidays, crafts can make you feel accomplished and add a little cute at the same time. My crafts usually come with a good dose of DIY, and I have to warn you, its addicting. So join us, for some fun crafts, and stay while we teach you how to build the table to put these cute crafts on! Let us begin…

  • KID FRIENDLY – Crafting can be a great way to bond with your children. It is a great way for kids to gain confidence and new life skills. Plus it is always fun for a child to take a little ownership of the space they reside in your home. And what better way to do that then to show off your handywork.
  • RECYCLING – One of my favorite ways to craft is to use things I already own. It could be paper left over from a school project with my kiddos, scrap wood, old t-shirts from favorite events or jars from spaghetti sauce. These items can make wonderful new decor items, plus you have a fun new way to relive the memories if he item is sentimental.
  • CRAFT FAILS HAPPEN -One last little note, occasionally a craft wont work out. It hurts less when you are losing an item that was bound for the dump anyway. If a craft fail happens, hopefully it’s recycleable and this point! And just know you are among friends when a fail happens.
  • INEXPENSIVE – When upcycling old items, or crafting from the dollar store, and least you know it didn’t cost you and arm and a leg.

I love me some dishes. And guess what crafting with dishes can be really fun and satisfying and make for exellent one of a kind gifts.

crafting with wood

Handy tip: Sharp tools

When cutting things for crafts one of the most important things if using sharp tools. There is nothing more frustrating than dull scissors, exacto blades or box cutters. This is your friendly reminder to have a a small supply in a safe location from kiddos so that when you want to get crafting the basic tools are in hand.

Reuse and Recycle Crafting

One of the most satisfying ways to craft is to make something you don’t want or use into something new that you love and can use again. So often things end up being thrown away, or donated when you actaully have a use for them. Here are some fun examples.

Upcycle Crafting

Holiday Crafting

Crafting for holidays is a great way to create memories and enjoy the season without a long term comitment.