Genius Mason Jar Hacks

Mason jars are so popular lately!  And it is not hard to tell why everyone is loving them.  First they are so easy to get your hands on.  They are so useful, you can use them for so many types of projects, and lastly they are just classically cute!  

Today we wanted to show some great ideas for using these versatile jars!

First Check out this great video we created with 5 different ways to use mason jars!  And then some of our tips for even more ideas.


 5+ Genius Mason Jar Hacks

The Mason jar really has become our go-to container for adorable gifts, organizing ideas, and even delicious recipes  Speaking of recipes, check out our Mason jars picnic video here.   Anywho!,  Let’s review those 5 great ideas!  It’s time to DIY! 


1. Cupcake Liner Storage


Why hide those adorable cupcake liners,  store them in a Mason Jar for all to see.  Throw them into your glass front cabinets for a fun pop of color!   Or sit them in a baking basket on your counter.  They are sure to put a smile on your face!


2. Cute Match Box


Who wants to see an ugly match box on your mantel next to a beautiful fire in the hearth.  Declutter your junk drawer and store your matches all in one place. All it takes is a mason jar and some sandpaper.  

A little match bottle will also make an adorable gift.  Consider using one of the smaller jars like these, and follow the instructions in the video.  Then pair your cute matches with s’more fixings for a fun gift!  


3. Recycled Shaker


Having guests over?  Want to make your special spaghetti dinner cuter?  Take the top of your Parmesan cheese canister and add the Parmesan to a mason jar that put the green lid on your jar.  Voila!  A cuter Parmesan shaker!!!

Additionally when your Parmesan is all gone, save the lid and use it for storing powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar or even crafting supplies like glitter.


4. Recycle Pour Spout

Another pouring option.  Cut off the top of that old salt container and fill you mason jar with sugar, baking soda or baking powder and use the dispenser to help pour yourself a teaspoon!!  Again this can work for craft supplies.  

Or use it for salt, and shake it on with an adorable Mason jar dispenser. It’s a must-have for summer picnics, barbecues, and dining al-fresco.



5. Cuter Kleenex


Ditch that Kleenex box and store your tissues in an adorable patterned Mason jar.  Your desk will have more farmhouse charm instantly!  In fact, you’ll feel good about keeping tissues out on the table.



What great idea for a Mason jar, do you have?  Check out these other great ideas here on Remodelaholic

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