Fun Fall Sewing Project! Owl Pillow

Fun Fall Project! 
Owl Pillow

I had my adorable niece in town the last week of August!  She is going to college this fall!  It is so crazy to think that she is already graduated from high school.  And I have to laugh at myself because I so have those moments… you know the ” I remember when you were 2 and you got into my makeup and crushed all my eye shadows all over the floor…”  Which she did!!
But it kinda cracks me up.  Because as a kid you roll your eyes at the reminiscing of old people… and now I am that old reminiscing person, and it is amazing how fast time flies, and how our concept of OLD changes… (I am so not old!)  Here are some pics from her visit!
Anyway since she is going off to college, we went shopping at the mall a lot (and my favorite thrift store! it was 75 cent day!  We both scored big time!) but when funds were running low we decided that it might be fun to make something and that something was an owl pillow.
I miss doing little simple crafts- we are in big project mode for our house.  I had a lot of fun doing it too!
Here is what my owl looks like!
We went through a ton of fabric…in search of the best!
‘Liza (my niece) did a cute round sleeping owl in all sorts of colors.

I decided to stick to a fall colors theme.  I thought that it might be fun to use with my huge candy corn pillows, I used a lot fo the scraps of fabric that I had left over from my lighted ragamuffin garland (pictured below!)

Here is the owl coming together!
and sewn on…

Etta helped me stuff it, she was in love with it immediately!  (yes the house was a mess, I decided it was time to go through all the girls clothes and purge… We have a LOT of baby clothes!)

Here is Liza and Etta loving on their owls.
Would you be interested in a pattern?
Let me know…. if I get enough interest I will try to make one!
Here is the pattern, so you can make your own.
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  1. Iwas Just wondering if you have had enough interest, As I told you before my daughter would really like one … Please please please can you make a pattern and send it to me please….

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you, That would be soo Awesome… And I promise I’ll send you pic of how ours look so you can see them.:)

  3. It would be so Awesome if you could send me the pattern cause we haven’t been able to find any other owl’s that are as cute as yours IS… PLz plz Plz I want the pattern..