Living Room Wainscot

Living Room Wainscot 

My Living Room was falling flat….I liked our furniture, it was a tv-less room so very peaceful and cozy for reading & relaxing….and it felt – blah.

I was thinking wainscot – but wanted…different.  Then I found this:


Lovely, isn’t it?

Though I tried (in vain) to convince my Mister that we could jigsaw this, he wasn’t buying in.  I contacted local millwork shops, and using MDF the quote was over $900.  Not bad, but not in the budget right now – and I really like right now.  Because now that a bee was in my bonnet about this room, I was obsessed driven.

Enter my brilliant Uncle Kerry –

Being a skilled wood-working handy type Uncle, I asked for his help/opinion on how to get what was now a deep rooted need for this wainscot.  And he found this company –

Acurio Latticeworks.

Acurio’s product is made from PVC, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, totally paintable, and the best part – totally customizable.  I emailed Marc McAvoy there my ‘inspiration’ photo and some details, and within a few days he sent me this:

COULD I be more excited? Well yes actually, because then he gave me some pricing – for the entire room, in panels specifically cut for each wall length, AND shipped from Georgia to Canada, the total was just over $400!

Hell, yes.

I might add that though Marc randomly named the design “Metropolis Circles”, it is also known as “soulstyle wainscot”, should you be contacting them.

As I worked with Marc and learned more, the absolute awesome-ness of this product was rocking my socks.  Where and how else could it be used?
With a bit of a tighter design than the wainscot, I wondered if they’d work as stationary window panels, adding privacy without blocking light.

So I added those to my order too.

Ok, so here’s all the beauty….

Gorgeous, right?

So what we the Mister did is beef up our existing baseboard with a small piece of moulding, then used the brad nailer to install the panels.  A bit of dap covered the brads & the seams perfectly.  Narrow cove moulding was necessary in the corners because the panels are far squarer than our house is.  Then another piece of moulding along the top to cap it off, and voila.
In these pics above & below we haven’t put the final coat of paint on the bottom or top mouldings.

Up close & personal for those attempting this daredevilry at home.

AND…..the Finished product – swoon…..



Moving on to the window panels….

Here they are in the dining room.

We gave Marc at Acurio the exact dimensions of each window casing section, and the panels were P.erfect.  Again, “We” had to cut out a bit of the panel to fit around the window lever, but a regular hacksaw was all it took.

Here in the living room, we opted to install them just on each side of the bay window.

Are you wondering how we hung them?  With vinyl window casings, nailing was sorta out of the question.  We used VELCRO TABS – high-five, Velcro!

Seriously – 1 tab in each corner, and 1 each side in the middle.  Haven’t budged.

7 window panels, the entire room of wainscot, shipped from Georgia, STILL less than just the wainscot done locally in MDF.

I love the living room now.  It’s peaceful and calm, and so beautifully US.

(I just love that coffee table – read about it here….)

I also love Acurio Latticeworks.  My house was the guinea pig project for this product, but I would not hesitate to use this product with a client.  The options are only as limited as your imagination.

Suspended on chain as room dividers in a loft/open concept?  Maybe something as simple as wall decor. I bet you could even hinge them and use them as shutters indoors.
ANY design – and they already have a ton to choose from.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

Check out more wainscoting and other beautiful living rooms!

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  1. Hi Tracy,
    I love your Metroplis Circle wainscoting and would love to do this in my hallway. Could you let me know how high your ceilings are, how high your base boards ended up being and how high your top molding is? I’d like to copy you almost exactly. Thanks much and it all looks great!

    1. Hi Molly,
      Tracy shared this post with us a couple years back, and I don’t believe she is monitoring comments here, so you can click over to her blog (linked at the top of the post) and ask there for more specifics. Thanks!