How to Make a Scented Wreath for Christmas

Hi there, I am Betty from Oh Everything Handmade. Today I like to share with you how I made an aroma infused Christmas wreath.

How to make a scented wreath for the holidays | OhEverythingHandmade for @Remodelaholic #Christmas #holidaydecor

I love to come home to a wonderful smelling house, but because I don’t like to burn candles while gone. I came up with this wonderful aroma scented Christmas wreath, which will keep the house smelling nicely throughout the Holiday season.

My wreath tutorial is super simple to re-create, and I made sure to keep it budget-friendly as well!

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How to Make a Scented Flocked Wreath for the Holidays

Click here or view the image below for step by step instructions.

Make an Aroma Scented Wreath for the Holidays

What you need to make the wreath:


Total: $24.65

You can also use a similar snow bond or  artificial snow spray  found on Amazon.

Aroma Scented Wreath1


Step 1.

If you are using the bonding flock, start by spreading up all branches on your wreath, and spray with a water mist. If you are using the artificial snow spray, apply the snow to the wreath once everything is added to it.

Step 2.

Use a sifter to apply the bonding flock to the wreath, the bonding flock requires no adhesive it is a self adhesive flock when water is added to the flocking process. Bonding Flock is pure cellulose, non toxic, flame retardant, biodegradable, shake proof and rain and fog resistant so it is safe and environmentally friendly. You can see how to use it on a full-sized Christmas tree  here.

Step 3.

Let the wreath dry overnight, or at least 6-24hours.

Step 4.

Use floral wire on the scented potpourri. Add a mix of potpourri to the wreath. Potpourri that can’t be wired, can be glued to the wreath with a glue gun. Leave a gap for the bow!

Step 5.

Tie and add a ribbon bow to the top or bottom of the wreath.

Step 5.

Now apply the artificial snow, if you didn’t use the bonding flock.


How to make a scented wreath for the holidays
How to make an aroma scented wreath for the holidays Fireplace
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