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Hello readers I’m Jaime from That’s My Letter sharing my DIY holiday project: copper and wood candle holders.  In the spirit of using what you have I made these candle holders from wood scraps simply stacked up and then I inserted a copper coupling to fancy up those glass votives.

copper & wood candle holders

 This is a fast and easy DIY candle holder that adds height and light to your tablescape.

copper & wood candle holders 2

deck the halls collage

You can see more of my diy holiday style including ornaments and a wood tree stand cover here.

wood stars title

And if you’re into working with wood like me how about these diy wood stars?  It requires a wedge jig but once you’ve got the jig set these stars come together fast.

copper & wood candle holders 3

Today’s tutorial is how to make copper and wood candle holders using wood scraps.

How to Build Copper and Wood Candle Holders


  • 1×4 wood scraps cut into 3 1/2″ lengths
  • 2″ copper coupling
  • glass votive holders & tea light candles
  • 2″ hole saw bit
  • wood glue
  • finish nailer
  • hammer
  • sandpaper
  • measuring tape
  • pencil

copper & wood candle holders supplies



copper & wood candle holder step 1

Step 1: Find the center of your square wood block and mark with an x.

copper & wood candle holder step 2

Step 2: Using the hole saw bit make the 2″ hole in the wood square.  Sand any rough edges.

copper & wood candle holder step 3

Step 3: Build the candle holder upsidedown.  Start with the wood piece with the hole, apply wood glue on the bottom then stack the next piece of wood at a slight angle.  To secure use finish nails.

copper & wood candle holder step 4

Step 4: Keep stacking wood pieces until you’ve reached your desired height (or run out of wood scraps).

copper & wood candle holder step 5

Step 5: Insert copper coupling into hole and tap gently in place with hammer.

copper & wood candle holders 4

Add your glass votive candle and you’re ready for the holidays!

copper & wood candle holders 1

A simply DIY holiday project that makes great use of all those wood scraps you have lying around.

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