How to Make a Doll Bed for 18″ Dolls with Matching Nightstand

Make a doll bed for an 18″ doll or a baby doll from just one board! The scraps make a mini doll nightstand or stool for a 2-for-1 easy woodworking project. This DIY doll bed plan is the perfect one board building plan for beginners. 

How To Make A DIY Doll Bed For 18 Dolls With Matching Nightstand, Baby Doll Bed Plans #remodelaholic

As part of our 12 days of Christmas series, I shared the pattern to the cutest ballerina doll… so today we teamed up with Amy to give Ms. Ballerina (or your favorite 18″ dolls) a place to get her beauty rest.

This DIY doll bed is a great beginner project because it requires no big tools. Just one board, a jig saw, hammer, and nails. Keeping it simple and great for Christmas on a budget.

Since this simple doll bed plan is so easy to follow, it would also be a great project to build WITH your kiddos! Little kids could easily assemble the doll bed, and bigger kids (tween and teens) could learn how to use a jigsaw safely (with adult supervision of course).

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Baby Doll Bed Plans For 18 Inch Dolls Or Smaller, Beginner Woodworking Instructions And Doll Bed Template #remodelaholic

How to Make a Doll Bed for 18″ Dolls

Click here to purchase the printable doll bed plans and templates.

Hi, it’s Amy from Hertoolbelt!  Your little girls will love this simple yet elegant bed for their favorite dollies.  It will easily fit 18″ dolls, or have plenty of room for smaller baby dolls.  The bed is designed to be simply made from 1 – 12″ board. Use the scrap wood to make a cute doll nightstand or stool.



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Building a One-Board Doll Bed and Nightstand

The printable beginner-friendly woodworking plan includes all cut dimensions, assembly instructions, and printable doll bed templates for both the bed and the nightstand.

The finished doll bed measures 20 1/2″ long by 11 1/4″ wide, with the headboard standing 12″ tall. The finished doll nightstand measures 5 1/4″ square by 6″ tall.

Here’s a view the unfinished doll bed and nightstand/stool, ready for decorating!

Unfinished DIY Wood Doll Bed For 18 Dolls, Easy Beginner Plans #remodelaholic

How to Paint a Wood Doll Bed

After you’ve built the one-board doll bed, you’re ready to paint or stain!

Remove any excess glue, apply wood filler to nail holes, cracks and blemishes and allow to dry.

Sand the wood filler, bed and nightstand until smooth finishing with 120-150 grit sand paper.  Paint or stain the doll bed and nightstand and allow to dry.

I painted the bed and nightstand base with Americana Decor Whisper chalky finish.  I stained to top of the nightstand Minwax polyshades mahogany bombay.

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How to Personalize an 18-inch Doll Bed with a Monogram

I decided to dress my wood doll bed up with a painted monogram letter in the center.  I printed out a circle with monogram letter, then used an easy technique to create my own stencil.  Cover the area with painters tape, then tape the monogram in place. Use an X-acto knife to trace the paper pattern through the tape and remove the unwanted tape.

How To Customize A DIY Wood Doll Bed For 18 Dolls, Make Your Own Stencil With Painter's Tape #remodelaholic

I spray painted the letter with Rustoleum Pink Glitter Spray paint, then removed the tape.  For a little added bling, I decided to add Pink Glass knobs to the outer corners, each set in place with a grabber screw.

Make A Doll Bed For 18 Inch Dolls, One Board Building Project, Beginner Woodworking Plan And Template #remodelaholic

Your kids and dolls will love it!

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How To Make A Doll Bed For 18 Inch Dolls Easy Beginner One Board Woodworking Plan Hertoolbelt For #Remodelaholic


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  1. Beautiful work ! I am hoping I can get my husband to help me with the cutting. Do you think plywood could be used for a lighter weight Barbie size bed?