Color Spotlight: Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

Hi Remodelaholics! It’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange back with my monthly paint color inspiration.

Today, I’m doing something a little different and rather than share a whole color paint palette (like I usually do), I wanted to do a “Color Spotlight” to focus on one really awesome and versatile paint color that is quickly becoming one of the most popular colors out there.

It’s very rare for one paint color to universally work for every lighting situation and at the same time also be the perfect transitional color but Beach Glass from Benjamin Moore is about as close as we can get.

Beach Glass from Benjamin Moore is one of the most versatile transitional paint colors. See how it works in nearly every room, even with artificial instead of natural light.


Benjamin Moore: Beach Glass

Before I go into why this color universally works so well, let me show you Beach Glass at it’s best in different rooms of a home.

Beach Glass used in a bedroom:

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass


used in a bathroom:

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass


in a kitchen:

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass


used in a child’s room:

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

Beach Glass used in a laundry room:

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

used in a living room:

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass


The fact that this color works so beautifully in almost any room in the home in itself a reason to use it but what is even better about the color is it also looks amazing in poor lighting situations.

Little natural light in a dark bedroom:


Benjamin Moore Beach Glass


Beach Glass doesn’t change color much and looks beautiful in spaces with predominate artificial light (little or no natural light):


Benjamin Moore Beach Glass


Benjamin Moore Beach Glass


You can really see it best here below in this bathroom that has no natural light and only poor artificial light:


Benjamin Moore Beach Glass


Beach Glass works so well because it’s a near perfect 50/50 balance of warm and cool undertones.  It’s also a perfect mix of gray/blue/green, which gives the color rich depth and it makes it an ideal transitional color that can work with almost any color or wood tone.

Finding colors for warmer wood tones is always a challenge but Beach Glass rises to the task and perfectly compliments wood trims and floors:

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass


If you’re looking for a really safe bet and gorgeous color for a room in your home, Benjamin Moore Beach Glass is certainly one of the most versatile colors to consider.  As a reminder, even though Beach Glass is extremely versatile, be sure and get a sample and paint on poster board and tape to your wall before buying it just to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.  Also, you can always have more white added at the paint store if you want to lighten the color as well.

If you would like to see more of my favorite versatile paint colors, you can check out my color palette of the new transitional colors on my blog paint palette  Also, I have a board on Pinterest called paint palette filled with more than 500 paint colors and examples of colors in spaces, if you’re looking for even more ideas and inspiration.

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  1. I’m also looking for a color to go with Beach Glass, which I’m planning on using as an accent wall in my master bedroom. I was looking at Stonington Gray, Gray Owl and Collingwood.

    1. I’m using Beach Glass in my open living/ dining room area and Sherwin William’s Studio Clay in the front hall area adjacent and it’s looking great!