Color Spotlight: Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal has been a longtime favorite paint color of ours. It can be a good option for a balancing warm and cool tones and can even be used as a colorful neutral.

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If you want to try this paint I suggest you order a sample sticker from Samplize which is a great way to see how the actual paint will work in your space without painting.  Plus, it can be reused and moved to see how it will look on different walls or in different spaces.

Using Color Spotlight Aegean Teal From Benjamin Moore. Remodelaholic. 600x739

Color Spotlight: Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

by Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange

Today, I’m doing another Color Spotlight and featuring a gorgeous rich teal color called “Aegean Teal” from Benjamin Moore.  I have loved this hue for years and am so excited to highlight it today, especially since this has been chosen as the 2021 Color of the Year, so it is definitely on trend.  There are so many great places to use Aegean teal.

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Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore. Color Spotlight on Remodelaholic.

Aegean Teal is probably one of the best rich teal paint colors out there because it has such a perfect balance of warm and cool tones.  I believe transitional colors that have that almost 50/50 balance is where the color magic happens on a wall.  The color is just so welcoming.

How to Use Aegean Blue in your Home

  1. Accent Walls; because this color is rich it is best used as an accent.  See below for this colors LRV
  2. Use on cabinetry
  3. Painted Accent furniture
  4. Tabletop Decor Accents
  5. Best Front Door Color

Accent Walls

Wall color is Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore. Color Spotlight on Remodelaholic. Image Via The Wicker House

via The Wicker House

One of my favorite ways to recommend using Aegean Teal is for an accent wall.  Aegean is so rich in depth and a complex color that it adds so much character and richness to a wall.

When trying to pick a color, you may want to consider a color’s Light Reflectance Value (LRV).  This will help you to understand how the color will work in a space, what it’s qualities are, is it light or dark.  To explain LRV a little more, colors are assigned a number from 0-100 based on how much light a color reflects.  Zero is the pure black, and reflects no light, while 100 is pure white because it reflects all the light.  The value of Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal is 23.96, which means it is a darker color, and reflects less light. 

Accent wall color is Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore. Color Spotlight on Remodelaholic. Image via Revamp Interior Design.

via Revamp Interior Design

Wall color is Aegean Teal. Color Spotlight on Remodelaholic Image via Nanette Wong

via Nanette Wong

I really think Aegean Teal looks its best on one wall (as an accent color) because it’s not necessarily the most ideal whole room color because it is such a rich color. It’s also just a little darker than a mid-tone.  However, if the color is balanced well with plenty of white/cream, for example atrium white, in the space with trim, cabinetry and wainscoting (as you can see below), it can really work beautifully.

Wall color is Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore. Color Spotlight on Remodelaholic. Image via The Wicker House

via The Wicker House

Use with Warm or Cool Tones

Because BM Aegean Teal has that near perfect balanced warm/cool undertone, the color also works beautifully with everything from warmer wood tones in flooring/ trim, but at the same time, Aegean will also work with cooler floor tiles.  So versatile!

Below is Aegean with very warm wood floors, rug and warm accessories.  See how the color just calms and balances all the warmth in the space?

Wall color is Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore. Color Spotlight on Remodelaholic Image via Nanette Wong

via Nanette Wong

There are very few bolder colors like Aegean Teal that can also work well and compliment almost any other color.  Darker transitional colors are great to use when you have a lot of warmth or coolness in a space because they have a calming/neutralizing effect.

Below is a great example below of how a darker transitional color like Aegean Teal neutralizes all of the colors and undertones:

Wall color is Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore. Color Spotlight on Remodelaholic. image via revamped interior design

via Revamp Interior Design

Other Uses

Aegean is such a workhorse of a color because it looks stunning on almost anything. How beautiful is Aegean used in the inside backside of cabinetry as a focal wall?

Inside of Bookshelves Painted with Aegean Tel Benjamin Moore. Color Spotlight on Remodelaholic. Image via Evolution of Style

via Evolution of Style

Or use this lovely color with a stencil on top of a darker blue to create a wallpaper look.

Wall Stencil After Horizontal via Bloom in the Black

via Bloom in the Black


Exterior Use

Aegean Teal is also another fantastic exterior color and I have recommended it for shutters and the front door. I don’t have any images but if you’re looking for a gorgeous front door color, try a sample of Aegean Teal.  It’s really beautiful with such a great natural harmony and blend of blue-green! I mention this a lot but it’s so true; a good sign of a great color is that it looks beautiful painted on the inside and on the outside.

There are very few colors out there that are this rich in depth but are also still so very versatile.  Aegean Teal is one of those very special colors an intriguing midtone and there is pretty much not anything that this color cannot do and look absolutely amazing.

I hope you will consider Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore if you’re looking for a rich shade of teal for one of your spaces.  If you’re looking for other versatile colors, you can check out my top 15 most dependable and versatile list of paint colors on my blog here.  I would love for you to pop on over!

Other great paints that work with Aegean Teal

  • BM Gray Cashmere (similar, lighter tone)
  • BM Potters Clay (contrasting, Warm)
  • BM Muslin (warm, neutral)
  • BM Rosy Peach (contrasting, strong, warm)
  • BM Foggy Morning (creamy white, neutral)
  • BM Kingsport Gray (darker neutral, warm)
  • BM Colorado Gray (similar tone, lighter)
  • BM Chestertown Buff (yellow tone, warm, contrasting)

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Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore is one of the best rich teal paint colors out there, balancing warm and cool tones perfectly. Read more to learn why you should give this versatile transitional paint color a try!

Originally posted 8.8.2016 // Updated 3.3.2021 //Updated 5/10/22

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  1. This would be perfect for my parents’ front door. They have a large 2-story Old Chicago Brick home. Do you have any suggestions for a complimentary gray tone for the shutters , if the front door were Aegean teal? Thanks!

  2. I recently painted my sons room Aegean Teal and paired it with Simply white as a two tone wall. I am obsessed with this colour and now want it all over my home!

  3. I love your special tAlent for color, Cyndy. We are thinking of painting our south facing exterior Aegean Teal. Do you have any recommendations for shutter color? Thank you!