How to Build An Easy DIY Wood Bench for Just $25

Follow our easy DIY wood bench plans to build a farmhouse bench with angled legs and supports for just $25 in materials! This DIY bench is perfect for an indoor or outdoor dining table or as a mudroom entry bench. 

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easy DIY wood bench plans with angled legs and farmhouse wood finish

Get the printable DIY bench plans

Easy DIY Farmhouse Bench Plans

This easy wood bench features simple angled legs for a rustic style — without any complicated joinery or pocket holes!

Watch the video tutorial on the Remodelaholic YouTube channel and get the printable woodworking plans here to build your own.

How to Build an Easy DIY Wood Bench

Click here to see the photo tutorial at Mylove2create

Hello Remodelaholics!  It’s Mindi, from MyLove2Create, and I am thrilled to share my easy DIY wood bench with you today!

Last time I shared my Pottery Barn Inspired Modern Rustic Console Table with you. This is another great furniture build for your home, especially if you like rustic or farmhouse style furniture.

Isn’t it so cute?!

DIY wood bench plans, with a farmhouse stain and finish

The angled bench legs are easy to build without using any complex joinery — just a few self-tapping wood screws!

I kind of love it, and I was excited to try a new finish on it as well, so watch the video to see how to put the bench together, and read below for more about how I finished it.

Final Dimensions, Easy DIY Wood Bench Plans, MyLove2Create
get the easy wood bench woodworking plans here

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3-Board DIY Wood Bench Supplies

Yes, just 3 boards to build this easy wood bench! You’ll need wood glue, 2 ½”’ wood screws or self-tapping screws and

Plus the paint, stain, and finishing supplies of your choice.

See how Mindi layered stains for a farmhouse wood finish below, or use our colorwashing stain technique to stain the easel ANY color you like! You also can mix up your own homemade stains using our recipes. 


You’ll only need a compound miter saw and drill/driver to assemble this easy farmhouse bench!

A brad nailer, clamps, and carpenter’s square are also helpful. And don’t forget your tape measure and pencil!

How to Build an Easy Wood Bench

The printable farmhouse bench plan includes all the detailed dimensions and angles for cutting each of the wood bench pieces.

Diy Bench Leg Pieces For Angled Leg Farmhouse Wood Bench, Remodelaholic
bench leg pieces

After cutting the pieces, sand and then assemble following the instructions in the printable plans.

You can adjust to make a narrower bench, too, if needed, by cutting the bench top to the length you want.

The DIY angled legs are easy to build, and the bench support piece ensures that you have a sturdy seat!

Adding Leg Supports, Easy DIY Wood Bench, MyLove2Create

Because the angled pieces are difficult to clamp, I used a brad nailer to tack the pieces in place before securing with wood screws.

Hot Tip: If you don’t have a brad nailer, you can also use hot glue to hold the pieces in place while you secure with screws!

How to Stain a Wood Bench with a Rustic Finish

Multi Layered Stain Technique, Easy DIY Wood Bench, MyLove2Create

I decided to do a layered farmhouse finish I have been wanting to try for a long time, by my friend Amanda from Rustic Duck Furniture, you can check out her full tutorial.

  1. Layer two different colors of stain randomly on your wood.
  2. Then blend the stains together.
  3. White wash over the wood and blend it in.
  4. To finish it off, use a dry brush technique. (You can see a dry-brush example on my Chalkboard Coat rack.)

DIY Wood Bench Plans and Stain Finishing

You can see on the bench this finish gives an old look to the furniture.  I love it!

Try this finish on these other DIY furniture builds, too!

Easy DIY Wood Bench Plans and Tutorial, MyLove2Create

It adds charm a character that you do don’t get with a normal stain or paint finish, I am glad I gave it a shot!

Build a DIY Wood Bench with Rustic Farmhouse Stain, MyLove2Create

Of course you can finish it anyway you desire, which is the fun part about doing your own Easy DIY Bench!

Woodworking Plans: DIY wood bench with angled legs, farmhouse stain finish

This bench was inspired by some antique French cherry wood benches I had seen online.  I modified it to make an easy build, since the originals used mortise and tenon joints.

I think it turned out perfect!  With the center supports added they make it nice and sturdy.

Easy DIY Wood Bench Plans, Farmhouse Wood Finish, Remodelaholic

I am actually going to donate this bench to my daughter’s new dance studio, but I have been thinking of trying some counter height ones for my table…because my chairs are dying…but we’ll see.

I grabbed these pillows from my Master Bedroom Reveal for some easy staging, before we deliver this bench to its new home.

easy DIY farmhouse wood bench plans, Remodelaholic

It will make a great little spot for the kids to sit at while they wait or put on their dance shoes.  I have previously donated a  Kingsize Headboard Bench I made to my daughter’s old dance studio,  so I am excited to give this to her new studio!
Do you think they will like it?  I hope so?  Would you like one?  Get building!

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First published 28 Jan 2018 // Last updated 24 Feb 2021

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  1. Where are the screw holes on the bench from attaching leg center supports? In the finished pictures the legs are clean no screws.