Blossom and Grow: 10 DIY Flower Planters to Elevate Your Garden!

Give your garden or house a makeover with these great DIY flower planters ideas.

How To Build a Window Box Planter in 5 Easy Steps

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Build your own DIY window box planter to add curb appeal and make your home exterior look amazing! This tutorial breaks it down into 5 easy steps to build a custom window planter box for flowers.

DIY Flower Planters Suspended Vertical Garden

1 DIY Vertical Garden For By 1 Of 6 100846
Photo Credit: Heathered Nest for Remodelaholic.

If you are limited on your garden space you will find this suspended vertical garden to be of high interest as it increases your growing space with an easy to recreate DIY project. Get the tutorial to make your own suspended vertical garden here.

One Board Hexagon Planters

2 Hex Planter RM 1705259 100836  DIY Flower Planters you can build with one or two boards
Photo Credit: Lemon Thistle for Remodelaholic.

If you want to add more flower planters to your yard, skip the plastic pots and check out this one board idea. These planters look amazing, requiring only one 2×8 board to replicate at home. What will you plant in your finished planter? Get the instructions for the one board hexagon planter here.

Beautiful Outdoor Pots and Planters

3 How To Create Beautiful Outdoor Pots And Planters This Mamas Dance For Remodelaholic 30 100828
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You can get the best looking pots and planters for your yard without spending a fortune. This helpful post will give you plenty of tips to grow the prettiest potted posies. Get the details for beautiful outdoor pots and planters here.

DIY Concrete Planter

4 Remodelaholic Concrete Planter By The Leaerner Observer 12 100819
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Put an old box to work and make these sweet little planters to add to any room of your home. They would also look lovely on the deck with some small succulents inside. Get the step by step instructions to make your own concrete planter here.

Wall Planter Ladder

18a Easy Build DIY Vertical Planter Wall Ladder For Fence Angela Marie Made Featured On Remodelaholic 022007
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If you need more room to grow, then the solution is obviously to grow upwards. This planter ladder is perfect for smaller outdoor spaces as it gives plenty of room to grow all the pretty flowers. This project will cost you under $25 to complete. Get the tutorial for a wall planter ladder here.

Large Pallet Planters

6 Diy Large Pallet Planter 10 500x851 100814
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Put pallets to work to make these gorgeous upcycled large planters. They look great with a variety of plants inside including ornamentals. Get the instructions to make your own large pallet planters here.

Modern Hanging Planter

7a How To Build Plywood Hanging Planter 768x1152 100805
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These hanging planters are absolutely gorgeous! They look just like the popular ones from West Elm.  Make a few of these to add style and function to your space and you will save a small fortune over buying them. Get the instructions for these modern hanging planters here.

Custom Cedar Window Boxes

8 Custom Cottage Window Box 1 100757
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Adding a window box makes a great way to add more growing space and style to your home’s exterior. This DIY project is easy for beginners to recreate and will look awesome with your favorite flowers blooming inside. Get the details for custom cedar window boxes here.

Large Letter Monogram Planter Box

1 Diy Outdoor Monogram Planter By Ellery Designs On @Remodelaholic 6 600x600 034317
Photo credit: Ellery Designs for Remodelaholic.

Adding a large letter planter to your backyard adds instant personalization and so much beauty! These look amazing and are not too complicated to recreate. You can view the full plans to make your own large letter monogram planter box here.

Tall Wooden Planters

10 Tall Planter Build 100748
Photo Credit: The Rozy Home from Remodelaholic.

These tall planters were inspired by a trip to France, and are sure to look amazing in your outdoor space. Thanks to the easy to follow directions, you can create your own planters this weekend. Get the step by step instructions for tall planters here.

Custom Raised Garden Beds

11 Custom Raised Garden Boxes 38 100739
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These raised beds are going to look so nice in your backyard. They will also help you grow a gorgeous garden year after year. Get the step by step tutorial to make your own custom raised beds here.

DIY Garden Arbor

14 Vegetable Garden Arbor DIY Plans 2 Of 5 100732
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This garden arbor attaches to raised beds to create a stunning planting trellis. This custom build costs less than half of the options in stores, and will look even better in your space. Get the directions to build a DIY garden arbor here.

15 Best Low Maintenance Houseplants

Monstera Plants In White Pot Inside The Cafeteria Shutterstock 2114002127
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If you love to have some life in your house why not add some low maintenance houseplants these 15 will have your home in bloom in not time.

Shade Loving Plants for Your Garden

Pansy (Viola) Shutterstock
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If you have some shady spots in your yard, and you are worried nothing can thrive there, then I have the plant list for you. These 25 shade loving annuals flower all summer in the shade!

DIY Artificial Plants for Outdoors on a Budget

DIY Faux Potted Outdoor Plants With Solar Lights Msn Sized
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Don’t have time to water your potted plants, but love the look? Try this great hack with beautiful DIY artificial plants for outdoors with twinkling solar lights at night, for a deal per planter!

How to Build a Waterfall on a Budget

17 Diy Pond Waterfall 37 100856
Photo Credit: Summery Umbrella for Remodelaholic.

You can add a gorgeous DIY waterfall to your backyard on a budget. This will add style and a relaxing soundtrack of soft water falling that you will enjoy all summer long. Find the full instructions to make your own backyard waterfall here.

What is a Terrible Home Design Trend?

Upset Women
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Sometimes we dream of building a new home, and what great ideas we have for it.  But we don’t want to make big mistakes, what are the horrible new home trends that we want to avoid?

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