Red Alert! Homeowners, Beware of This Alarming Trend

It is exciting to customize and personalize your home. But there are some trends I have seen over the years that are terrible ideas. 

Some trends that may seem exciting initially end up being impractical or quickly go out of style, leaving homeowners regretting their choices. It’s crucial to strike a balance between personalization and timeless design to ensure long-term satisfaction with your home decor choices.

11. Excessive Use of Mirrored Walls

Mirrored Walls
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Using mirrors strategically in interior design can indeed create a sense of spaciousness and light, but an entire wall covered in mirrors can have the opposite effect. Such an approach often results in a disorienting and outdated appearance. It’s essential to strike a balance in design, utilizing mirrors thoughtfully to enhance a room’s aesthetics while avoiding excessive use that can overwhelm the space and undermine its overall style.

10. No Door Between Bedroom and Bathroom

No Door Between Badroom And Bathroom
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You may fancy having no door between the master bedroom and master bathroom for the first couple of months. But I guarantee you will get tired of not having any privacy. It becomes a whole lot worse if everyone barges into your bedroom without your consent. 

9. No Storage Space in General

No Storage Space In General
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If it is a new apartment, you will not feel the brunt of not having storage space. Just give it a couple of years; stuff will definitely turn up that you cannot keep in your apartment and can’t throw away. 

8. No Coat or Broom Closets

No Broom Closet Ss
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It seems negligible enough, but those cold mornings would disagree. Have you ever had to scurry off somewhere important but could not get going quickly because you could not find your coat or shoes anywhere?

7. TV Over the Fireplace

Tv Of Fireplace
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It seems like a pretty harmless trend; give it a little time. You will notice that your TV is always breaking down. Electronics and heat do not go very well together. You might even end up burning the entire house down if things go south. 

6. Multiple Tiny Bedrooms (Almost Too Small for a Bed)

Tiny Cramped Bedroom
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“Let’s have a couple of small bedrooms; it will save money and cater for everyone.” That might be the single worst idea a human can think of. You will not be able to fit any of your stuff in the room; let’s not start with the health and psychological effects it can have on you.

5. Cookie-Cutter Neighborhoods 

Cookie Cutter Neighboorhoods
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If you are anything like me, you will want something different—something that stands out when people pull up to my street. Besides, you do not want to come home at night wondering where you used to live and end up in someone else’s apartment. 

4. Tiny Garages With No Room

Tiny Garage
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Tiny one or two-car garages with no room to even open the doors.  Have you ever had a paint job done on your car? That is not a small expense to bear. Especially if your finances are not where you would love them to be. 

3. Super Shallow Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sink Full Of Dishes
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Your sink is one of those personalized touches you add to your kitchen. If you have stayed in a house with a tiny kitchen sink before, you would not dream of installing a small kitchen sink. How do you want to manage those big pots and pans?

2. Open-Door Kitchen Cabinets

Open Door Kitchen Cabinets
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Leaving your kitchen cabinets without doors is a pretty prehistoric design. It’s almost as old as dinosaurs right now. Besides, you reduce the aesthetics of your kitchen by installing kitchen cabinets without doors. 

1.  Spiral Staircases

Spiral Staircase
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These should also be added to the list of the leading causes of death in the world. They are so tiny and can make you dizzy going round and round. Not to mention unnecessary; it is beautiful when it is included in a monumental building, but your house? Not so much. Honorable mention: You can See the Sink from the Front door…

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