Chilled Soups: The Secret Weapon to Beat the Summer Heat!

Beat the heat this summer with these great chilled soups.

Raspberry Jalapeno Soup

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Chilled soups are going to be hot this year! If you would like to get in on the trend of adding a few delicious chilled soups to your menu this summer, you are going to want to check out this collection. It includes tasty options like this raspberry jalapeno soup. Raspberries offer this soup a sweet and pretty vibe, but the jalapenos offer the perfect kick of heat. This soup is unique, colorful and totally delicious for summer meals. Get the recipe here: Raspberry Jalapeno Soup .

Chilled Tomato Watermelon Basil Soup

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Serve this chilled soup at a summer dinner party, or anytime it feels too hot to cook. With fresh flavors like garden grown tomatoes and watermelon and basil, it has a delicious flavor and is absolutely refreshing as the soup course.

Get the recipe for Chilled Tomato Watermelon Basil Soup.

Cucumber Avocado Soup

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Photo Credit: The Purple Pumpkin.

Cold and creamy cucumber avocado soup is sure to be a summer favorite. It has a delicious flavor and it tastes just right on a hot summer day when the temperature is soaring. This recipe won’t weigh you down but it will help cool you off!

Get the recipe for Cucumber Avocado Soup.

Sweet Pea Basil Soup

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Sweet peas, basil and yogurt come together to make the ultimate summer soup. It is colorful, creamy and tastes perfect served cold. This will be a favorite lunch option for the week ahead, as it doesn’t need to be reheated and can be sipped whenever you are ready for it. Get the recipe for Sweet Pea Basil Soup here.

Wild Garlic and Nettle Soup

5a Wild Garlic And Nettles Soup 072642
Photo Credit: Ramona’s Cuisine.

Wild fresh ingredients are the star of this summer soup. The recipe ends up being completely delicious and worthy of a repeat in the near future. Happy Foraging for the ingredients! Get the recipe for Wild Garlic and Nettle Soup here.

Spring Sweet Pea Soup

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Sweet peas make the perfect light and nutritious soup. This recipe starts with tender peas and shallots and ends up as a light green soup that pairs well with crusty bread for a yummy seasonal meal. Get the recipe for spring sweet pea soup here.

Chunky Gazpacho

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Photo Credit: Christina’s Cucina.

No need to go out for a great gazpacho. This recipe makes a chunky version that really hits the spot. Use fresh from the garden veggies for the best flavor. Get the recipe for chunky gazpacho here.

Creamy Corn Soup

7a Foodieaholic Creamy Corn Soup Chef Works 072601
Photo Credit: via Chef Works for Remodelaholic.

Save this recipe for the height of sweet corn season. It taste so good you will want to make it often to enjoy with a burger from the grill, or a slice of buttery, crusty bread. Get the recipe for creamy corn soup here.

Healthy Blueberry Soup

8a Blueberry Soup1 072547
Photo Credit: Food, Wine and Sunshine.

Use in season blueberries to make this colorful, creamy soup. It has yogurt included to keep it healthier, and with the best texture. This would work as a starter, or as a dessert. Get the recipe for healthy blueberry soup here.

Cucumber Mint Soup

9a Foodieaholic Cucumber Mint Soup Chef Work 072214
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As the temperature climbs, and you start thinking of cool comfort, this soup is going to be on your mind! It is refreshing with cucumber and mint, and it is easy enough to make that you can whip it up after a long, hot day at work. Get the recipe for cucumber mint soup here.

Watermelon Gazpacho

10a Watermelon Gazpacho 3 700x1050 072147
Photo Credit: The Forked Spoon.

Bring the best flavors of summer to one sippable soup recipe. This watermelon gazpacho is so satisfying served ice cold, and it is also so healthy that you can grab a glass without any guilt. Get the recipe for watermelon gazpacho here.

Avocado and Raw Broccoli Soup

11a Foodieaholic Avocado And Raw Broccoli Soup Chef Works 072409
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Avocados and raw broccoli offer this chilled soup so much creamy flavor. Make this for a summer dinner party or anytime you are too hot to eat a big meal. Get the recipe for avocado and raw broccoli soup here.

Zucchini Basil Soup

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Photo Credit: Zucchini Zone.

Save this soup recipe for summer. When your garden starts producing a bounty of zucchini, you will love adding it to this really delicious soup that is nutritious and easy to make. Get the recipe for zucchini basil soup here.

Chilled Asparagus Soup

14 Foodieaholic Asparagus Soup Chef Works 650x428 072634
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Asparagus has so much flavor that it is happy to offer some to a chilled bowl of soup. Serve this anytime you crave something totally delicious on a hot afternoon. You can make this a part of your weekly lunch if you like also. Get the recipe for chilled asparagus soup here.

Cold Cucumber Soup

13a Cold Cucumber Soup 3 072312
Photo Credit: Veggie Inspired.

If you like cucumbers in your salads, then why not add it to a bowl of soup? This cold recipe makes for a great summer meal. Garnish with garden fresh tomatoes and onions for a healthy soup that is so easy to serve. Get the recipe for cold cucumber soup here.

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