Home Glam: Stylish Tile Transformations Revealed!

We’re diving into the realm of stylish tile makeovers that can utterly redefine the ambiance of your living spaces. Get ready to witness the magic that a well-chosen tile can bring to your home, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases of design.

From kitchen backsplashes that sizzle to bathroom revamps that redefine relaxation, we’re here to inspire your inner interior designer. Join us as we unveil the secrets to achieving home glam through creative tile selections, patterns, and innovative application techniques.

Whether you’re a seasoned home decor enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of design, our blog is your go-to source for transforming your living spaces into glamorous havens. It’s time to reimagine your home with Home Glam – where style meets substance, and every tile tells a story!

A Guide To Installing Kitchen Tiles

1 Smudge Resistant Pasadena Faucet In Slate For A Grey And White Kitchen House For Five Featured On Remodelaholic 600x432 113342
Photo Credit: House for Five for Remodelaholic.

This guide will give you step by step instructions to expertly tile your kitchen. If you have wanted to take on a project like your kitchen backsplash, then this guide to installing kitchen tiles is the place to start for flawless results.

Tile Ideas Fireplace Surround

2 Tile Ideas  Mirror Above Fireplace DIY Mantel Update With Marble Tile And Pillars Pink Little Notebook Featured On @Remodelaholic 113359
Photo Credit: Pink Little Notebook for Remodelaholic.

This fireplace makeover uses tiles to make a gorgeous effect. You will love how budget friendly this project is and how stylish the results are. Find the instructions on this tiled fireplace here.

Metal Ceiling Tile Backsplash

3 Laundry Backsplash Lemonthistle 16061019 113443
Photo Credit: Lemon Thistle for Remodelaholic.

Put a metal ceiling tile to work as a backsplash. This budget friendly idea is stunning  for a laundry room and adds a little glam to an otherwise boring task. Find out how you can make a metal ceiling tile backsplash here.

Faux Subway Tile Backsplash

4 Faux Painted Subway Tile Backsplash 113333
Photo Credit: Sweet Parrish Place for Remodelaholic.

This project looks so realistic! With some painters tape, a level and paint you can make this faux tile backsplash that makes your kitchen look fabulous, without spending much money on the project. Find the instructions to recreate a faux subway tile backsplash here.

White Subway Tile Backsplash Tutorial

5 White Subway Tile Backsplash Feature Image1 113326 (2)
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

If you have been dreaming of adding a subway tile backsplash to your kitchen, you are going to want to click over to this tutorial so you can install it like a pro. I know you will agree this backsplash installation makes this kitchen look incredible. Get the details to install a subway tile backsplash here.

Inlaid Tile Rug

6 Inlaid Tile Rug Tutorial 22 113409
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Add a stylish touch to a half bath by creating a patterned rug, from tile. This tile idea is perfect for a small bathroom that has a peeling floor and needs an update. Find out how to make a tile rug here.

Installing Hexagon Tile for Beginners

7 20140510 Installing Hexagon Tile For Beginners 1 113434
Photo Credit: Newly Woodyards for Remodelaholic.

If you are new to tiling, I have the perfect tutorial for you. You can install hexagon tiles on your bathroom floor the easy way for a clean and modern look. Find the instructions to add hexagon tiles to your floors here.

Faux Painted Tile Backsplash

8 Painted Diagonal Tile Backsplash
Photo Credit: Sawdust and Embryos for Remodelaholic.

Get the look of tile backsplash without the expense with this idea. It uses paint for a faux backsplash that looks so realistic. Find out how to make a budget friendly faux painted tile backsplash here.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile Shower

9 Before And After Moroccan Fish Tile Shower 113349
Photo Credit: Construction 2 Style for Remodelaholic.

Add color and style to your shower with this diy project. Moroccan fish scale tile is sure to look stunning in your shower while offering some gorgeous color to the space. Find out how to install Moroccan fish scale tiles here.

Gray and White Hexagon Tile Backsplash

10 Gray And White Kitchen Makeover With Painted Cabinets Featured On Remodelaholic
Photo Credit: Lovelee Homemaker for Remodelaholic.

This gray and white hexagon tile backsplash is perfect for an accent wall in your kitchen. Get the tips and tricks to recreate this hexagon tile backsplash here.

How to Paint Bathroom Tiles

11a Basement Washroom Primed
Photo Credit: The Learner Observer for Remodelaholic.

If you have some hideous bathroom tiles that you would love to change up, check this out. Before you demolish that bathroom and start over, consider painting them for a refreshed look. Get the details here to makeover your bathroom for under $200.

Marbled Subway Tile Bathroom Renovation

12a Complete Bathroom Remodel 08 Seesaws And Sawhorses On Remodelaholic 113500
Photo Credit: Seesaws and Sawhorses for Remodelaholic.

This project will take a little time, but it is so budget friendly and gorgeous, I know you will agree it is well worth the effort. Find out how to renovate your bathroom with marble subway tile for about $200 here.

Vintage Ceiling Tile Headboard

14 Vintage Ceiling Tile Headboard
Photo Credit: Never Enough Thyme Creations for Remodelaholic.

Put vintage ceiling tiles to work as a stunning headboard. You are going to love the way these old beauties are put to work in such a functional way. Find out how to prime, paint and age these chippy ceiling tiles and transform them into a headboard here.

Slate Tile Backsplash

13 Small Kitchen Remodel Slate Tile Backsplash And Laminate Countertop 113452
Photo Credit: Love 2 Decor8 for Remodelaholic.

Add a touch of slate to your white kitchen. The contrast is eye-catching! Most of this remodeled kitchen was a DIY project. Find out how to recreate the slate tile backsplash look in your own kitchen here.

Tiled Patio Table

15 DIY Tiled Table Top By Q Schmitz Featured On @Remodelaholic 113424
Photo Credit: Q Schmitz for Remodelaholic.

Turn a trashed patio table frame into a tiled work of art with this DIY project. This sturdy and high end look is going to look amazing on your patio. Find out how to make your own tiled patio table here. 

25 Patterned Floor Tiles for Laundry Rooms and Bathrooms

UVPH 2021 Home 21 Davies Design Build Designer Inouye Design 47 450x253 (1)
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Add a wow factor to laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more with gorgeous patterned floor tiles. Using patterned floor tiles can add texture and design to your room.

How to Install Kitchen Backsplash Tile: A DIY Guide for Beginners

Glass Subway Tile Backsplash And Walnut Butcherblock Countertops Fishermans Wife Furniture Featured On Remodelaholi Edit 450x338 (1)
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Learn how to install kitchen backsplash tile step by step. We’re telling you everything you need to know plus great tips and clarifications before you start!

Pro Tips: Skip These 13 Bathroom Design Mistakes!

Man No Please
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

As an interior designer, I’ve had the privilege of transforming countless bathrooms into stylish and functional spaces that reflect the personalities and preferences of their owners. Over the years, I’ve come across numerous design choices that make me cringe.

What They See: 15 Designer Insights on Home Impressions!

Designer Woman Thinking
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First impressions matter. They set the stage for the way we perceive things, and that includes our homes. Your home is an extension of your personality, style, and preferences. It tells a story about who you are and what you value.

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