9 Creative Cookie Recipes

9 Creative Cookie Recipes to Try via Tipsaholic.com

Chocolate chip.

It’s the staple cookie. Everyone’s got a favorite recipe, too, whether it’s a soft and buttery, a melt-in-your-mouth, or a crisp and milk-dunking variety. And they’re good. Sooooo good. But sometimes the old beloved deserves a break. Or an upgrade. Or to be thrown out all together because if your husband asks for chocolate chip cookies one more time, you are making him bake his own. No – for reals this time.

So if you’re ready to give the choco-chippy fave a rest, why not go crazy?

These nine creative cookie recipes may sound a little out-of-the-box, but don’t knock’em till you try’em – you might just find your new family favorite. With tempting ingredients like coconut, lemon, raspberries, and Oreos, you never know which cookie might hijack your bored-to-tears-taste buds and take them on a ride through FlavorTown.

That’s right. Time to get crazy.

Give one or two of these unique cookies a try — you might just be glad the next time you’re out of chocolate chips!


Coconut Lime Sugar Cookies by Maybe I Will (picture: slide 1)

Lime. Coconut. Coconut. Lime. A classic combination. So of course it should be put in a cookie. A cookie, perhaps, that you would eat on the beach in the Caribbean, with a coconut full of milk to dip it in whilst your Caribbean hottie holds your hand and you giggle as dolphins leap gracefully from the clear blue sea in the distance. Or alone, in your kitchen – because they’re really too good to share, and why wait for the Caribbean?


Strawberry Lemonade Cookies by Gimme Some Oven, via Tablespoon (picture: slide 2)

There are many good reasons to make a cookie. The fact that it is insanely simple and ridiculously cute are two of the best reasons, and this cookie is both.


Cookies and Cream Cookies by Notes from Nessa (picture: slide 3)

First of all, let’s point out the fact that this cookie has cookies in it. Is there anything left to say?


Blueberry Lemon Cookies by Baker Bettie (picture: slide 4)

Perhaps you’ve met the muffin counterpart to this cookie, but let’s face it – muffins are overrated. They’re crumbly. They’re not very portable. You don’t just make a batch of muffins for kicks and giggles. But a blueberry lemon cookie? Now that’s worth stuffing your face with.


Salted Caramel and Nutella Stuffed Double-Chocolate Chip Cookies by Topped with Cinnamon (picture: slide 5)

Okay, I know I said we were giving chocolate chip a rest, but seriously. Try saying this cookie’s name three times and fast with your mouth full.


Movie Theater Cookies by I Love My Disorganized Life (picture: slide 6)

If you’re like me, taking your kids to the movies and getting snacks (hoping to keep them quiet) is a joke. Popcorn and chocolate everywhere. So tonight: stay home, fire up the old DVD player, and corral the mess by whipping up a batch of these tasty bites.


Chewy Chocolate Orange Cookies by Serious Eats (picture: slide 7)

You don’t need to wait for Christmas to enjoy the delectable flavor combination of oranges and chocolate. Just put it in a cookie!


Oatmeal Caramel Apple Cookies by Beyond Frosting (picture: slide 8)

Caramel apples – they look so fantastic, sitting on a tray, peppered with nuts, toffee, and the like. But have you ever tried to eat one? Ha. Underneath all that sugar, it’s still an apple, and a messy one at that. This cookie is the perfect alternative.


Raspberry Cookies by I Heart Naptime (picture: slide 9)

Does putting fruit in a cookie make it healthier? Nod your head. Now – bake.

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