How to Build a One Board 2×8 Hexagon Planter

Hello Remodelaholic readers! Colleen here, DIYer behind Lemon Thistle. Today, I’m excited to be back to share a patio friendly DIY for the 2×4 and More series! This DIY Hexagon planter takes only one 12 foot 2×8 and a few tools. My dad and I put this together in an afternoon and it’s making the perfect addition to our deck as we prepare for summer. I plan to move it to our front entry next month once we finish the renovations we’re working on out there, but for now… it’s nice to have some blooms on the deck!

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I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!

Ready for the simple DIY instructions?

How Build a Hexagon Planter from One 2×8 Board

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I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!



I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!

Head to your Home Depot and grab a 12 foot 2×8. You can have them cut it into 6 equal chunks for you, or you can do it yourself at home with a chop saw. This mini van mom had them do it for me to save having to borrow a truck. The rest of the cutting will be done with a table saw.

Set your table saw to 30 degrees and cut the edges off each of the 2×8 pieces. Once all of your pieces are cut, fit them together into a hexagon shape.

I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!

I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!

I affixed them together using PL construction adhesive and brad nails. We used a hammer to help set the last piece in place before brad nailing it. Next, we played with the scrap pieces from the 30 degree cuts. We cut these mitered on the chop saw and nailed them to finish off the top edge of the hexagon planter- this step is totally optional, but I really think that it gave it a finished look by doing this.

I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!

I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!

Let the PL dry completely before you start sanding and staining. I sanded using 120 grit paper and finished it with my favourite Minwax Ebony Stain. I’m in love with this stain- it still shows the wood grain but doesn’t compete with the other wood tones in a space that already has a lot of wood going on. I didn’t give it a clear coat because I had used the same stain for an outdoor table last year and really love the way it’s weathered but if you want to really protect it- make sure you grab a clear coat formulated for outdoor use.

I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!

I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!

At this point I was planning to build a platform inside and get a nursery pot that was flexible to fit inside the hexagon planter. BUT my dad grabbed a rimmed pot we had sitting and it fit perfectly and we didn’t need to built a platform inside at all. That was a total bonus for me.

Now that I know how easy this one is to make, I want to make a few at different heights- wouldn’t that make an awesome front entry display?

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  1. I’m confused. A 12’ 2×8 cut into 6 chunks would make 2ft long boards. The photos show a much taller planter. And the finished product also looks square.