In tune; Piano Refinish

When I saw this great link I had to ask Mag of Craft With Me if I could feature it. You see I myself had a little mishap when moving my piano and, now my own is needing a redo.  This is great piano refinish inspiration.  Check it out:

I’m a pianist, I always joke that I play the piano as long as I remember I had crushes on boys.  So I got this piano last summer for $200.  
A $200 piano sound like how it is, really not bad, but it’s not the best piano.  I told my husband, the next one will be a grand piano or at least just like the one when I grew up.  I don’t like wood… so I had to painted it…  so I chose a pale blue.  I really love it.  It made me so happy.
As  you can see, the bottom part of the piano is painted a different blue for the detail.  I had more details to paint with that color… ( the details on the top of the piano if you can see it )
And I moved the piano to the corner of the room.  I still have to fix this wobbly piano bench, paint it and recover it with another fabric.  Any suggestion for the fabric?  Do you think i should choose a blue one too?  or a different color?
I think that is so cool!
Why not have a fun piano!
Great job!
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  1. >Honestly, I would never have thought of painting an old piano. I've never seen it done before and now that I have, I wonder why everyone isn't doing this! It's really a beauty now; great job!!!

  2. >I love this idea but I think my husband would kill me if I told him I wanted to paint the piano but it would look so cute like that!!!

  3. >Makes me want to run out right now and find an old piano. It is truly lovely.

  4. >Wow, our piano too had some nicks put in it from our moving, but I never thought to paint it. Something to consider.

  5. >Definitely a bold statement piece. I agree about the woody look.. my piano is a high gloss black which over the years is looking less and less glossy. The only thing I am worried about is changing the sounds. Did you find yours changed?