Burger Bobs; Hamburger Kabobs

I am signed up to receive Kraft Recipes newsletter.  And the items always look good, whether or not I can justify all the calories is another subject completely.  They always have sinful concoctions that look SO good.

In the most recent it had the cutest Horsdoeuvre’s, they were little burger bites and they were quite clever, so I took the idea and tried my own version.  Which turned out quite good, (although i am still planning on trying theirs)

Burger Bobs
Each hamburger kabob can have one or two meatballs.  
We each ate 2 so plan accordingly for the number you need 
Fully cooked frozen Meatballs
BBQ sauce
Pickles, hamburger slices
Tomato slices (I would recommend Roma)
Onions, cut in large chunks
Spinach (optional, I chose this cuz it would wlit nicely in the heat and taste good!)
Cheese slices
(any of your favorite hamburger toppings that you can thread onto a skewer)
Drizzle some BBQ sauce and Ketchup over the meatballs and cook. 
(In a pan, on a BBQ or in Microwave)
Saute the onions in a pan (unless you want them raw)

 Thread the items onto a pre-soaked skewer.

Grill to heat it through  top with cheese and allow to melt (optional) and serve immediately.
(we did the cheese on the skewers, but I wouldn’t do it this way again!)
We ate it basically as a “hamburger salad”, but it could be a really cute item at a BBQ.
And it was good.  What do you think of these hamburger kabobs?

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  1. >These look good and so easy! I always enjoy trying new recipes. Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!