15+ Beautiful 2×4 Benches and Seating Ideas

Structural lumber like 2×4’s can be used in so many more ways than just building a house. 2×4’s are a perfect material to make benches! It would seem there would be only so many ways to make a 2×4 bench, but really there are a lot of creative ideas, so today for our #2x4andMore series we are sharing more than 15 of our favorite beautiful 2×4 benches and seating ideas (plus a few built with other 2x lumber as well, like the easy farmhouse bench Crystal shared this morning). Pick your favorite and get building some extra seating for your home.Build Yourself A Place To Sit With One Of These 15+ Beautiful 2x4 Benches And Seating Ideas Featured On Remodelaholic.com
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2×4 Benches and Seating

Corner Table Bench by Pinspiration Mommy for Remodelaholic

Outdoor Bench 2x4 Hertoolbelt

Double X Bench by Her Tool Belt

MCM Bench With Rope And 2x4 15

Outdoor Rope Bench by At Charlotte’s House

Outdoor Sofa Conversation Setup Hertoolbelt

Outdoor Seating Bench by Her Tool Belt

Easy Farmhouse Bench For Remodelaholic

Two Board Farmhouse Bench by The Weathered Fox on Remodelaholic

Convertabile Picnic Table Bench Her Tool Belt

Convertible Picnic Table Bench by Her Tool Belt

Bench Made From 2x4s Virginia Sweet Pea

Simple 2×4 Bench by Virginia Sweet Pea

Garden Bench From 2x4s The Creative Mom

Sturdy Garden Bench by The Creative Mom

DIY Upholstered X Bench From 2x4 Boards Anikas DIY Life

Upholstered 2×4 Bench by Anika’s DIY Life

2x4 Challenge Farmhouse Style Bench Side View In Bedroom 768x1152

Farmhouse X 2×4 Bench by Frazzled Joy

Farmhouse 2x4 Bench The Creative Mom

Farmhouse 2×4 Bench by The Creative Mom

2x4 Outdoor Farmhouse Style Bench MyRepurposedLife.com

Hopkins 2×4 Farmhouse Bench by My Repurposed Life

Everyday Party Magazine Party Ready Porch 11

Porch Bench by Everday Party Magazine

2×6 Modern Waterfall Bench by Remodelaholic

DIY Outdoor Couch Life On Virginia Street

Outdoor Couch by Life on Virginia Street

IMG 6699

Scrap Wood Bench by Running with Scissors

Simple 2x4 Benches By My Repurposed Life

Simple Reclaimed Wood Bench by My Repurposed Life

2x4 Stools Benches

2×4 Benches and Stools by My Repurposed Life

Bench Complete

Stacked Bench by Jillian Grennon for Pretty Handy Girl

Concrete and Redwood Bench by Remodelaholic

DIY Built In Bench 2 Rev

Built-In 2×4 Bench by I Heart Organizing

Diy Built In Storage Bench 10

Built-in Storage Bench by Place of My Taste

 Kitchen Nook Bench Oh Everything Handmade

Kitchen Nook Bench by Oh Everything Handmade

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