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3 AMAZING must-try IKEA hacks from Oh Everything Handmade on @Remodelaholic

3 Must-Try IKEA Hacks

Hi there, so glad to have you over. Today, I will be sharing tips and trick on IKEA hacks that I’ve completed.
But before we get started, here is a little about me and my little blog!
My name is Bettina Johnson and we’re a Military Family of four and a half (miniature Pincher incl.) sharing our budget-friendly home improvements, fun DIY projects and nifty, thrifty makeovers on my blog oheverythinghandmade.com.
If you follow me on my blog OhEverythingHandmade or any of my social media platforms (see all links below) you probably figured out that I am obsessed with IKEA products, I think they are the best to hack and customize, all at an affordable price. I have three favorite IKEA hacks for you today.
Ikea Karlstad Cushion Hack by Oheverythinghandmade 550
My first and most popular hack is the IKEA Karlstad Sofa Cushion Hack. I’ve always dreamed of owning a tufted sofa, but did not want to spend $1000’s of dollars!!! Well, I didn’t have too, and I promise you after you’ve watched my little video, you’ll be heading to the stores to gather all supplies needed for your own sofa/couch transformation!

Why I love the IKEA Karlstad Sofa:

  1. The sofa comes at a great price, but they discontinued the Karlstad Sectional and the Isunda Gray fabric late last year. You can still find the two-seater at IKEA with the new fabric called “Knisa light gray”.
  2. The Karlstad has removable & washable slip covers in many different colors, which is great when you have active kids.
  3. The fabric buttons can be taken off in case you have to clean the cushions, simply reapply them with new thread.
How much time did the project take?
The cushion hack only takes a couple of hours to complete, depending how fast you learn the knot.

What was the total final cost?

  • Cushion buttons $10 per 8/pack
  • Tread $5
  • Upholstery Needle $3-4

Would you do it again? Why or why not? and if yes, what would you do differently next time?

Yes, I would do it again. The buttons are removable without leaving any marks, and the buttons prevent the cushions from saging.

Not sure I would do anything differently, it’s a pretty forward hack and simple enough for beginners.

I also gave the legs a little tapered hack [HERE] to complete the modern look I was going for.

Ikea Karlstad Tapered leg tutorial -feature
I am also obsessed with IKEA Butcher Blocks. All I can tell you is that IKEA made it possible for us to add a brand new kitchen to our home for only $4000. We used the IKEA Butcher Block as counter tops, which gave our kitchen a unique look and feel. See how I cut a sink hole into the butcher block [HERE].

IKEA Butcher Block Tips & Tricks:

  1. Beautiful. Natural. Durable. You can achieve and keep this look with a Waterlox finish. A unique blend of Tung oil and resin, Waterlox showcases the natural beauty of wood, providing lasting, durable protection.
  2. Always use a wood conditioner before staining the wood, this will give you a brighter color that won’t fade.
  3. Sanitize with vinegar: Spray undiluted white vinegar onto the countertop, and let sit for a few minutes. Wipe off with a clean, damp dishcloth. Dry thoroughly: Using a clean dish towel or paper towel, thoroughly dry the countertop. If you are using an unfinished block you may also run the scraper down the countertop again to remove even more moisture.
  4. Sand the wood with 3 different grits, start with 80 to 100 grit sandpaper, and work your way up to 220 grit, wiping gently with a slightly damp cloth between sandings. Try not to remove too much of the wood, just sand enough to remove stains and restore the surface. After sanding, follow the steps above for cleaning and sealing.

How much time did the project take?

Cutting the butcher block takes a few hours depending on if you know how to use a power tool. Sanding, staining and finishing may take a few days due to the dry time that is necessary.

What was the total final cost?

  • countertop $139
  • Stain & sealer $50
  • Sandpaper $8
  • power tools not included

Would you do it again? Why or why not? and if yes, what would you do differently next time?

If I remodel a kitchen in the future, I’ll make sure to use Ikea Butcher block again, it’s such a great product to work with and comes with a small price tag!

It was a learning experience to cut this butcher block. Make sure to take your time when cutting, you want a straight line and a nice curve.

How to cut an under-mount sink hole in IKEA butcher block
Image source via IKEA (KARLBY)
The IKEA KALLAX Coffee Bar is my most recent hack, I used the KALLAX cube and CAPITA 4-inch legs to create a super cute coffee bar/station for our new apartment.

Best storage product from IKEA – Why and what to use it for!

  • The KALLAX cube is my second favorite IKEA item, it is such an universal product. I’ve been using the cube in my office for storage before I transformed it into a coffee station/bar.
  • Adding the CAPITA metal legs to the bottom gave it a great high.
  • Transforming it from a four cubed shelving unit, to a two shelving unit was easier than you think. All I did was take out the two shorter boards and turned the longer shelf horizontally.
  • Holes can be hidden with white round stickers, it’s as easy as that! This way if you decide to change it back in the future you still can.
  • You can stack it to create a book shelf, use it as open kitchen cabinets, kitchen island or you can make a craft table out of two KALLAX cubes.

How much time did the project take?

Only 20 minutes

What was the total final cost?

  • Storage cube $34.99
  • Metal legs $14.99
  • White Stickers $2

Would you do it again? Why or why not? and if yes, what would you do differently next time?

Definatly a great project to do again, especially since it’s so versatile.

Coffee Bar via OhEverythingHandmade 1
Tips for other DIYers or IKEA hackers?
  • Want to save extra on an Ikea item, check the clearance area first.
  • You can get extra screws and parts at the customer service window.

Thank you for coming over and for reading though my Q&A IKEA Hack. Hope you enjoyed my post today and will try to hack IKEA items yourself.

xo Betty

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